The Czech Presidency in the field of digitization: a legislative storm is coming from the European Union

The Czechia will have to implement an unprecedented number of European regulations in the field of telecommunications and digitization in the following period. As part of the Czech presidency, it will play an important role in the negotiations, which can bring valuable benefits. This was confirmed by the director of the Czech Telecommunications Office, Hana Továrková, at the Economic Daily’s round table on the topic “Internet white spots in the Czech Republic and how to get them off the map”. The Economic Journal provides a complete overview of all expected directives.

Recently negotiated regulations in the digital agenda are the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DSA is supposed to replace the e-commerce directive and brings new tools for the regulation of internet platforms. “It solves not only the issue of responsibility for content uploaded and created by the users themselves, but also the protection of user privacy,” says Tereza Meravá from the ČTÚ.

The DMA’s Digital Markets Act aims to regulate the behavior of the largest platforms to promote a fair economy. “After that, there will be a demanding adaptation of the legal systems of the individual member states so that the regulations are well implemented”, explains Tereza Meravá.

CIA (Connectivity Infrastructure Act)

The most important and most anticipated prescription. This is a revision of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive.

“It is recommended to focus on areas where the current directive has not fulfilled its role (e.g. differences in the granting of permits), on establishing legal certainty for entrepreneurs in the construction of high-speed electronic communications networks and on reducing the administrative burden in general,” says the chairwoman of the Czech Telecommunications Office, Hana Továrková.

Data Act

The Data Act complements the DGA (Data Governance Act) and primarily addresses the issue of data sharing and handling of data generated by IoT devices, including for example changing data storage/cloud providers and consumer protection. “Currently, the Data Act is still under discussion, the European Commission presented the proposal in February. The Czech Presidency will prepare compromise proposals at the working level in the Council of the EU”, adds Meravá.

Artificial Intelligence Act

During the period of the Czech presidency, a revision and the creation of compromise texts of the eIDAS regulation on electronic identification and trust-building services for electronic transactions in the internal market, which will bring significant changes in the field of electronic identification, and the AI ​​Act (Act on Artificial Intelligence) are expected regulation of risky applications of artificial intelligence.

The Czech Presidency reached a political agreement between the Council of the EU and the European Parliament in the area of ​​the DDPP (Digital Decade Policy Programme). After formal approval, the program will enter into force.

Jana Bartošová

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