The largest freshwater tunnel in Europe is unique. There are also huge whales resembling sharks

“It is unique here that a person can visit the mentioned ecosystem even under the surface through a glass tunnel, so he can visit the fish world, which is normally hidden from people,” Jiří Kroča, manager of the Living Water complex, told Novinkám.

The tunnel is 8.5 meters long and 3.5 meters wide, the glass thickness is 12 centimeters. Cold water fish such as trout or bream can be observed here, but common carp can also be seen here.

The area focuses mainly on the Morava River and its crew, so visitors can observe all current species of fish, as well as historical ones. “Between them, two huge two-meter-high vizas dominate, which, with a little imagination, evoke sharks in visitors,” explains Kroča.

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People can admire different types of fish here.

Natural swimming pool, old people and gastronomic evenings

On hot summer days, visitors can bathe in the natural biotope, which is fed by an underground spring and purified by plants. This section is fish free.

One of the novelties is a paddock with pratura, the ancestors of today’s cattle breeds, which can be observed from a wooden footbridge. The ancestors, originally from Milovice in Central Bohemia, returned to Moravia after many centuries – they were exterminated in the Czech lands around the 12th century.

The Živá voda complex also offers a program outside of the summer months. “In the tunnel, after closing time, in the evening we organize a gastro evening for invited guests. Tastings, degustations, always with the participation of a famous chef,” added the manager, adding that they are mostly fish specialties.

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Tips for trips

In addition to interactive educational programs, lectures and themed evenings are also organized on the premises. In autumn, the tunnel will celebrate its tenth year of operation.

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