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Do you have a special event waiting for you – from an opening, to a megalomaniacal party of your loved ones, to a fashion event close to Prague Fashion Week or are you going directly to it? However, if you are still struggling with how to handle your look, the street style from MBPFW can get you on the right note. Photographer Rozálie Růžičková will guide you through it, who captured the best outfits for Blesk pro women.

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You will be pleased an interplay of sheer elegance in the form of monochromatic suits, consisting of oversized jackets, wide palazzo pants and basic tops, which you will appreciate, for example, in the office or for a drink with a friend. Timeless minimalism, which fashion influencers have been betting on for the umpteenth season.

Author: Rozálie Růžičková

Author: Rozálie Růžičková

They playfully compete with costumes separate wide trousers together with a suit vest, which until recently we perceived as more of a men’s affair. However, this business top has also been dominated by women and we have proof for this statement! In the nineties, Jennifer Aniston, for example, gave her a new look as Rachel Green from the phenomenal sitcom Friends. Rachel complemented the vest with a decent top that came out from under it. Now, however, this elegant piece is worn directly on the bare body.

Author: Rozálie Růžičková

Unforgettable classics are i an oversized shirt that can be used to create a lot. You can choose an eye-catching top under it or layer on it a knitted vest or dress and complement it with high shoes, which will give the look the desired exclusivity and flair.

Author: Rozálie Růžičková

Then you draw attention to yourself bold color dress, with which you can create fun, yet sophisticated color blocking. Don’t be afraid to mix seemingly incompatible colors, which will eventually form a perfect symbiosis. Like, for example, fuchsia together with neon green, which I also bet on. The WRAP Collection shirt dress from designer Lay Sedláková’s workshop was playfully complemented by a FOLBEUR leather handbag and heeled sandals with feathers from the Spanish chain Zara. However, they are no longer from the current collection, so we are adding a similar alternative to the inspiration.

Author: Rozálie Růžičková

Shopping tips: LAY dress, after discount 4500 CZK; handbag FOLBEUR, 9100 CZK; Zara heels, 699 CZK after discount; Ray-Ban sunglasses, sold by, 4139 CZK

So which look did you like? See all street style outfits in our photo gallery:

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