Prague TV before 200 years. Survive, the charm still has to this day

Star Praha is a presentation room on paintings by Vincenzo Morstadt and Vclav Jansa. The day in Tom Sysl’s photographs. The building shows the transformation of Prague over the past two hundred years. During this relatively short period of time, several major changes took place, to Lucie Dolfi, the chapel of Jindisk ve, in whose several floors and corridors the building is located.

For example, in the 1920s, after the great bursts of flood, walls began to be built in Prague.

They radically changed the appearance of the city until the time when the races were born here. Because of their construction, the original fishing, fishing and swimming settlements, and even the central buildings near the water, have not been preserved. The building of the sky was probably the smallest impact on the visual appearance of Prague, its interior was completed by the beginning of the twentieth century, explains Dolfi for Metro newspaper.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, the industrial revolution entered Prague. According to Dolfi, for understandable reasons, this is also a phenomenon that can be seen on comparisons. Factories and industrial buildings were built on the outskirts of Smchov, Koe and Holeovice at that time, which fundamentally changed the character of the city. The construction of railway connections in the mid-nineteenth century heralded the end of Prague’s fortifications, Dolfi explains, adding: Prague’s walls gradually began to disappear, or hell for the city’s fervent development. The first two turned into urban corsairs and were eventually completely destroyed and dismantled.

When Prague became the capital of the new republic in 1918 and the Greater Prague Act was adopted, according to which Prague expanded beyond the historical city limits, Prague’s transformation into a modern metropolis was complete.

It is a great pleasure that in many places it has preserved its medieval and baroque charm, the paintings of masters Morstadt and Jansa and photographer Tom Sysel are proof, I Dolfi.

Construction will officially begin last week and will end roughly in mid-November. This Thursday there will be a ceremonial opening at eight o’clock. The people around the Internet project I Love Prague also succumbed to the uprising. On their website and social media, you can also find many photos of the metropolis, both historical and contemporary. So send me your own photos.

We show the highlights of Prague, which is not enough, because Prague is beautiful. We will build buildings, publish calendars and books with the most beautiful photos of the capital, describe the people from Miluju Praha. Praha v promnych asu is not only the name of the building, but also of the photo series that appears on their website.

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