Prostjov dl collected an illegal fee for enough for an apartment

Prostjov dl collected an illegal fee for enough for an apartment
Prostjov dl collected an illegal fee for enough for an apartment

The city may not, in any way, force a city citizen or property owner to drink enough of his land. Every submission must be accepted and discussed, stated Miroslav Vesel from the Department of Public Administration, Supervision and Control of the Ministry of the Interior in a notice from May 2019.

The municipal association Domovn sprva named Prostj’s bag after the payment as a fee for a private apartment and printed it for one hundred crowns.

Pensions are still chosen by the Domovn administration to this day, as evidenced by the valid price on their website.

the editor of Domovn sprvy Prostjov Vladimra Pra argues that this is not a fee necessary to submit and negotiate the amount, but rather a payment for services connected with the approved shared apartment, for example for the drawing up of the contract and the preparation of the protocol even for the previous apartment.

I think that these investments are far more valuable for our company than a one-time hundred crowns, added Pra.

The Ministry of the Interior thinks that this is the same fee. Housing management Prostjov, a company owned by the city, according to the selection, the fee for filing the amount for a rented apartment would be included in it, not originally in the city’s housing rules, stated Vesel from the interior.

However, since it is a municipal corporation, the city does not manage the fees, and since there is no day-pass decreed, decided or otherwise authorized by any of the city’s organs, it falls outside the jurisdiction of the ministry and we cannot challenge the fees.

The fees were criticized by the opposition and the ombudsman

The petition to the Ministry of the Interior was submitted in 2019 by representative Petr Odal (Na rovinu!). According to him, it is currently the same fee, which the Home Office has changed to include other administrative services, which should be free of charge.

I don’t understand why people should have to pay for someone to fill out a form, wondered Odal, adding that the administration associated with municipal apartments would also be handled by one of the mayor’s departments and there is no reason for it to fall under the Housing Administration.

At the council, we proposed the abolition of this fee, but it did not pass. When I spoke to the housing commission about returning the pension after the dream fee, there were some problems with it.

In the past, the selection fee for enough for an apartment was criticized by both the then public defender Anna Abatov and the then prostojov representative and now MP Hana Naiclerov (PirStan).

According to the Naiclers, the city should not charge a pension for just drawing up a contract or providing an apartment, as in other cities these events are provided free of charge.

I am sure it will continue like this. In a day and age, when you deprive people who are not financially well off and hide every crown, this practice creates a very bad image of the city, declared Naiclerov.

The former ombudsman of the abbots for the Ministry of the Interior stated two times that the condition of payment for the payment of the amount for the rental of a public apartment leads to non-discrimination. This may affect some groups of people, for example, people with disabilities, seniors and single mothers.

Although the covered cost for processing can be considered a legitimate duty, taking money from the general housing contractor is not appropriate or necessary, said the abbot.

One hundred is not pekka

However, the current public defender, Stanislav Keek, did not find that discrimination in the area of ​​public housing would still occur after the dream fee.

The city has reduced the fee to one hundred crowns, and this may not be such a big deal for the group’s short-term customers. Therefore, the public defender did not deal with this specific case at first, stated the press release of the ombudsman’s office Markta Bokov.

the editor of Pra hinted that the Home Office could cancel this fee as well. In a year, we invest about a thousand apartments, in total we pay about ten thousand crowns. This is not a financial amount without which we could not function, he said.

The city has a lot to discuss without being paid

Naiclerov later turned to the Ministry of the Interior in the matter of fees for the purchase of non-residential premises, as well as parking spaces in townhouses. In this case, however, the interior stated that the fee for the rent of non-residential premises is in the pod.

When it comes to the rental of non-residential premises, it is not a question of satisfying one of the basic needs, such as housing. Borrowers of leased premises typically for commercial use do not find themselves in a comparable vulnerable position as borrowers of public housing, explained Vesel.

Pay 250 crowns for rent of garages and parking spaces in Prostjovan, 500 crowns for rent of other non-residential spaces.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the city still has to confiscate residential and non-residential premises, even if people do not pay the fee.

The Ministry of the Interior warns the city that the first thing to discuss about the lease of a municipal apartment is that the citizen of the municipality and the owner of the property have equal rights on his land, Vesel said in a warning from 2019. The internal irritation then came out in a document from 2021, in which the city drew attention to its obligations under the Act on Municipalities.

The city council is obliged to discuss and reject the proposal even if the developer has not paid the fee to the Prostjov Housing Authority, he added.

Prostjov is the only district town of the Olomouc region that collects such fees. These include city flats and special houses with maid service.

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