The Prague Film Fund will change to the Prague Audiovisual Endowment Fund

The Prague Film Fund in the film Prague Film Fund will be changed to the Prague Audiovisual Foundation. The name change reflects the worldwide change in nomenclature and audiovisual trends. The changes in the Prague foundation fund were prepared by the city and the board of directors of the foundation in cooperation with the Association of Audiovisual Producers (APA).

“It is not just a cosmetic change, we are also projecting a number of novelties and innovations in its functioning into the Prague Audiovisual Foundation Fund so that it better meets the current needs of the city and actors from the audiovisual industry. We will place more emphasis on supporting the Prague economy, which is linked to audiovisual production,” says Hana Třeštíková, councilor for culture and tourism.

With the establishment of the Prague Film Fund in 2016, the capital began to actively support its own presentation abroad through film and television production. Six years later, in a time of increasingly intensive digitization exacerbated by the covid years, when other forms of audiovisual production are coming to the fore in addition to classic film, the capital wants to respond to these changes. By changing the name and Articles of Incorporation, the Prague Film Fund reflects a global change in trends and nomenclature. Now it is common to talk about the audiovisual industry, which includes not only film and television production, but also streaming services and Video on demand systems such as Netflix.

The main condition for drawing funds remains the depiction of Prague as Prague. Newly, the endowment fund will also support student audiovisual projects with the potential to participate in film festivals, however, even in these projects, the capital city of Prague must be shown as the city of Prague. Thanks to better defined application conditions, the fund will support not only the audiovisual industry itself, but also the economies linked to it. Another condition is that the foundation contribution will have to be spent on the production of the audiovisual work exclusively in the city of Prague, in full, i.e. 100% of the foundation contribution from eligible costs. In this way, the capital city will also indirectly support employment, as up to 60% of the budget for the production of audiovisual works goes to “non-film” professions and services (catering, transport, accommodation, telecommunications services, crafts, etc.).

The capital also wants to raise Prague’s profile as a destination supporting sustainable audiovisual business and “green filming”. As part of the challenges, applicants will be motivated to fulfill the parameters of sustainable business and green filming. The topic of ecology and sustainability is dealt with worldwide in the audiovisual sector, and even the Czech metropolis does not want to lag behind in this regard.

A big change is also the expansion of the conditions for providing contributions. Only Czech productions can now apply, which was not possible until now. Of course, international co-productions and purely foreign productions can still apply. All projects will continue to have to meet the condition of foreign distribution. The exception is student projects, which should have the potential to participate in film festivals.

“We wanted to support the role of the endowment fund by changing some of the provisions in the Articles of Incorporation so that it would be more inclusive even for exclusively Czech projects, and therefore also student projects, which often do not yet have international co-production partners or foreign distribution outside the festival circuit, and at the same time they do in the last years, a great name in Czech cinematography. At the same time, the realization of student films can be crucially helped by relatively different amounts than large international projects. The whole thing aims to send a signal that Prague is not only aware of the marketing potential of its locations, but is also a metropolis that values ​​the talented people who live and work there,” adds David Havas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Prague Foundation in the film Prague Film Fund.

The amendment to the charter of the foundation fund will be approved by the Prague council on Thursday, September 8.

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