The first unmanned city PR can be used in Toukov

The first unmanned city PR can be used in Toukov
The first unmanned city PR can be used in Toukov

The first unmanned contact point of Police R, where people can contact police officers in private and without the need to go to the police station, was officially put into operation on Monday 5th of 2022 in the town of Toukov in northern Plzeň. The Plzeň region supported the creation of this non-contact work grant. This will support the realization of the second TV. Pol Point in the Plzeň Region, in Star Plzeň.

Plzeň Region is the second region that, following the example of the Central Region, joined the creation of these unique communication cities. “It is a kind of super police service, which allows people to report criminal activity or file and complete a report without fear and without the need to travel to the police station. However, the city does not replace police officers. It can be used in cases where people themselves have become victims of a criminal act and for a variety of personal reasons, it is uncomfortable for him to appear at the police station to the Governor of the Plzeň region, Rudolf met, that the region supported Pol Point in Toukov with K 140,000, and the subsidy was submitted by the city of Star Plzenec, which received a subsidy of K 320,000.

Pol Point (can be used as a police point) is an alternative for receiving any message that can tolerate delay. The public can use it in all cases where, in view of the immediate danger to life and health, it is not necessary to contact the toll-free number 158. It does not replace the free call, but it is a way for citizens to contact the police in matters that, simply put, they should report personally to police service It is a safe point of contact for the police, where a private and discreet environment is created for the whistleblower.

How does Pol Point work?

It is an unpolished city, its police do not require a whistleblower to file a complaint, and without any action of their own, I should be able to communicate with a police officer immediately. Before entering Pol Point, the resident rings the bell at the entrance door to Pol Point and is then allowed to enter the room. It is equipped, including equipment and cameras for recording the event, about which the informant is immediately instructed by a police officer who joins the video conference room. No one else can enter behind the informant, unless he wants to, and it is up to him alone when he decides to end the interview with the police officer and leave Pol Point. The police officer who speaks with the whistleblower must immediately receive the report and document these actions. Receiving the report will immediately forward it to the appropriate police authority for further investigation, even if the informant does not have to sign anything, it is recorded and filed in the file.

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