MasterChef Czechia 2022: Who will advance to the TOP 30?!

In Tuesday’s episode, among other things, the designer Vanda will be introduced, who will amuse the jury with her arrival. “I’m quite impulsive in life, and I’ll do whatever comes to mind. And the outfit, the dress with the food, will describe me because I do wild things and I wear wild colors.” confided the still-smiling Vanda, who set about preparing the venison back. However, the choice of meat causes the jury to be slightly embarrassed, because it does not like something about it.

A whale recipe and a teacher with the whole class

The audience will also be introduced to Milan, who grew up in a children’s home and whose dream is to help similarly disadvantaged children in the future, or a former bodyguard who guarded Czech and world celebrities, or a geography teacher originally from Bosnia, who was accompanied to the studio by his entire class. And unusual tastes will come – for example, one of the contestants prepared a whale recipe.

In Wednesday’s episode, viewers can look forward to, for example, the French Malika, who traveled a large part of the world as a diplomat’s wife, or the vegetarian Pavia, who was born a man but decided to stay true to herself and her feminine nature. “I believe that in the short time we live, we should strive to be the best version of ourselves,” she confided what drives her forward.

Bizarre effort to impress or sabotage?

However, there will be no shortage of bizarre cooking performances either. Some of them even prompt the jury to wonder if it is some kind of sabotage.

Who will fill the remaining spots in the TOP 30? And will the last golden card fall? Viewers will find out on Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 September at 20:20 on TV Nova and now on Voyo.

MasterChef Czechia 2022: What kind of meat did Vanda bring? Nova TV

MasterChef Czechia 2022: Some performances were a bit bizarre!

MasterChef Czechia 2022: Some performances were a bit bizarre!

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Taking care of Agáta's children is not a problem for Jaromír.

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