Let’s restore order and peace to the Czech Republic. Petr Pavel announced his presidential candidacy

The retired army general, who was the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Army and the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, is one of the favorites in the elections according to the polls so far.

However, he has not yet officially run for office, similar to the chairman of the ANO movement, Andrej Babiš. He is talking about his possible candidacy and intends to make a statement in October.

“We need the rules to be followed and apply equally to everyone. We need general cleaning,” says Pavel, according to whom people feel disorder and helplessness.

“I don’t care if the powerful use loopholes in the laws, bend the rules, or even write them for their own needs. The president must promote that the rules apply equally to everyone in our country and be the first to follow this principle,” he says, adding that the president should be independent of political parties and capital.

In his presidential vision, Pavel talks about an active foreign policy. He would use his foreign contacts and strive to make foreign policy understandable and predictable.

Photo: Kateřina Šulová, CTK

Petr Pavel at the campaign launch with his supporters.

According to Pavel, the head of state should support the development of an innovative economy so that the Czech Republic moves within the production chains to the production of goods with higher added value.

In addition to transparency, the removal of obstacles, digitization and economic diplomacy, Pavel talks about the need for energy independence and the need to diversify sources in order for the Czech Republic to get rid of its dependence on Russia, which is now a significant problem. In his program, he also deals with issues of education and the environment.


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Last but not least, Pavel would reopen the grounds of Prague Castle to the public.

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