Prague public transport in trouble: Bus drivers are missing, many routes are cancelled

“This (today’s service cancellations) is the result of a long-term driver shortage combined with increased sickness,” said Claw. Of the 13 lines canceled today, five are outside Prague, namely lines 339, 346, 375, 377 and 658, and the rest, i.e. lines number 163, 166, 171, 204, 208, 209, 223 and 228, run in the territory of the capital .

Ropid therefore as the first step from Wednesday morning until the end of September, they will temporarily adjust the timetables of additional midibus lines 204 and 244, which will run at intervals of 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes. “After this adjustment, the carrier Arriva City guaranteed full coverage of all connections on public transport lines from tomorrow (Wednesday),” said Drápal.

According to the spokesperson, in addition to the mentioned company, the problem also concerns ČSAD Central Bohemia in PID, but to a much lesser extent. “There, we hope that it will be possible to eliminate the outages in the horizon of that week, if not, we will have to proceed with a certain temporary restriction of timetables there as well,” added Claw.

Three metro lines operate in the Prague Integrated Transport (PID), which last year, according to the transport yearbook of the Technical Communications Administration (TSK), was complemented by 35 tram lines, of which 26 were daily. There were also 171 bus lines, which were complemented by 122 suburban buses. 39 trains, seven ferries and the cable car to Petřín were also involved in the PID.

The shortage of public transport bus drivers has long plagued the Czechia. Before this year’s holidays, the Association of Transport Companies of the Czech Republic informed that about five hundred drivers were missing. Around 10,000 drivers work in domestic public transport companies. Professional drivers are also missing from freight carriers, thousands of them are missing.

Prague public transport.

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