Representatives of Karlovy Vary helped to save hockey in the spa town

Representatives of Karlovy Vary helped to save hockey in the spa town
Representatives of Karlovy Vary helped to save hockey in the spa town

An important vote awaited the representatives of Karlovy Vary this morning. They decided on the city’s entry into the hockey club HC Energie. The discussion of the point was preceded by a discussion of opposition representatives, who refused to join the club.

However, the mayor of the city, Andrea Pfeffer Ferklová (ANO), defended the proposed and ultimately approved decision, saying that hockey needs to be helped. “We managed to find a strong partner and he asks that the city declare its interest and support for hockey. I think that is a legitimate request. In addition, hockey is the number one sport for Karlovy Vary and we have all the requirements regarding the city’s entry into the club legally taken care of and there are no hidden dangers for us from them,” explains the mayor.

She described the situation to the deputies and explained that the city is buying a 40 percent stake in the club from businessman Karel Holoubek for just one crown. There are no further obligations for the city from the contracts and it will not participate in the club’s profits or possible losses in the future.

“In addition to one crown, we have committed to a one-time payment of a subsidy of ten million crowns, which will go outside the capital and will be strictly used for the operation of the club in the coming season,” the mayor added.

Opposition representatives, especially Michaela Tůmová (KOA), Josef Janů /elected for the Pirates), Vlastimil Lepík (KOA), Jindřich Čermák (Pirates), rejected the city’s entry into the club and pointed to various threats that could be called speculation and crisis scenarios, which does not yet threaten hockey in the city. After a debate lasting several tens of minutes, the city’s entry into HC Energie was approved and hockey in Karlovy Vary was saved.

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