Czechoslovak employment in artificial intelligence, only 4% of companies use it

Czechoslovak employment in artificial intelligence, only 4% of companies use it

Around 8% of businesses in the European Union will use artificial intelligence in 2021. In the Czech Republic, this was only 4% of companies. According to experts from the consulting group Moore Czech Republic, artificial intelligence is a key component of the digital transformation of the economy, and it is right that artificial intelligence is supported by the state as part of the National Recovery Plan. On the contrary, the Czech Republic surpassed the European average in terms of the number of people using the Internet in general. According to this, VR reaches 31%, the average EU tariff is 29%. Get it from Eurostat data

Czech Republic ranks eighth in the EU in terms of companies using artificial intelligence. The first in this Eurostat comparison is Denmark with 24%, on the contrary, the case of Romania with only 1% is not to be used. The Czech Republic is using the artificial intelligence in business and behind its European partners. Modern technologies are very important for economic growth and absolutely necessary for strengthening the competitiveness of companies and creating added value. comments Marcela Hrd, partner of the Moore Technology CZ group.

sten een lack of working hours

Modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet, which is used more in domestic companies, are the key to automation and digitization. First, these elements of the fourth industrial revolution are due to the state of the domestic labor market, when companies are trying to fill a large number of jobs for a long time. The whole range of activities in industry can be digitized and automated. If the pace is slower in Western Europe, there are a number of companies that are moving in this direction, said Ivan Konen, general editor of Misterine, which is dedicated to the development and application of
and virtual reality in industry. Simultaneously with the connecting element of automation and digitization, there is a need to prepare a system for retraining. Gradually, there will be enough jobs with qualifications, and therefore no added value, on the contrary, it will be necessary to ensure qualifications for operating sophisticated tools. However, it is also necessary to modernize the lifelong pension system and move it into the digital era, dovv Ivan Konen.

The essence of national strategy

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, digital transformation is one of the priorities of the National Recovery Plan. Projects falling under its scope must fulfill at least one of the ten so-called digital goals, among the first five, for example, artificial intelligence. The fact that the state has included the development of artificial intelligence in the National Recovery Plan is certainly a step in the right direction. I wonder if companies have enough development rooms and support docks for projects in the field of artificial intelligence, explains Miloslav Rut, partner of Moore Technology CZ. Artificial intelligence can be effectively used in the field of services, where it can largely replace the classic operators of customer support centers and administrative workers. There are many startups in esk pitom dealing with this issue, Rut added that other areas of the economy where artificial intelligence will have a significant impact on cost reduction, quality improvement and reduction of human labor are industrial enterprises, logistics and warehouse goods.

Internet vc in every tet esk company

The Czech Republic is the 9th highest internet-using enterprise in the European Union, namely 31%. This figure is the highest in Austria, where more than half of the companies use the Internet, and the lowest is again in Romania, at 11%. In domestic companies, the Internet is mainly used in the areas of warehouses and logistics, and recently IoT technologies have been intensively used
also in industry, especially for the collection of technological data. For businesses, it is a useful set of tools that can make work easier and save time and money.
explains Miloslav Rut with the fact that it is important to use the Internet for safety reasons. According to Eurostat, 72% of companies use it for this purpose, 30% of companies then use the Internet for energy consumption management and 24% for machinery and vehicle maintenance.

Moore Czech Republic

The company Moore Czech Republic is part of one of the largest international independent auditing and consulting firms. Moore Global Network Limited (until 2019 Moore Stephens International Limited) employs over 30,000 professionals worldwide in 260 independent companies and 110 countries.

Moore Czech Republic is headquartered in Prague and is led by the directors and partners Petr Kymlika and Radovan Hauk. In addition to their employees from the two BDO Advisory companies, they brought with them, under the Moore brand, the specialized subsidiaries of Servodata, DataScript and S-COMP, which focuses on the provision of complex services in the field of IT and long-term.

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