Even though the industry is still struggling, it is showing signs of cooling

Even though the industry is still struggling, it is showing signs of cooling
Even though the industry is still struggling, it is showing signs of cooling

Esk industrial production in summer purple showed meziron nrst by 0.8%compared to the previous month, on the contrary, it fell by a cosmetic 0.3%.

In comparison with Poland, the volume of new orders also increased (+2.2%), while this development was driven by teams from the country (+12.0%), while those from abroad showed a decrease (-2.1%).

The number of employees in the industrial sector decreased by 0.1% year-on-year, while their average wage increased by 6.1%.

Similar to the previous month, this time too the driving force of the Czech industry was the sector manufactures of motor vehicles , which increased production by 15.8% year-on-year and added 2.6 percentage points to the overall result. I would like to add that the first car production was in a considerable depression a year ago, and the effect here is such a strong effect of low comparative stock. During the year, traditions also play an important role, as does the specific timing of all-inclusive holidays.

The sector also recorded a significant increase in the volume of production works of (+19.3%) a US (+18.4%). Downward, on the other hand, the performance of the whole republic was reduced moderately production of metal structures , where it fell by 7.9% compared to the previous month, which resulted in a decrease of 0.9 percentage points. Find yourself in the dark production of basic metals (-15.6%) i print and multiple uploads (-12.7%).

Similar to the industrial one, i foreign trade balance statistics in Europe, the main sector of motor vehicles had a positive impact, where imports of intermediates increased by K8.5 billion.

In the opposite direction, according to forecasts, imports of energy raw materials, i.e. oil and natural gas, where the inter-regional deficit deepened by 24.6 billion K.

In total, the balance of foreign trade remained deeply negative (-22.8 billion CZK) . Since the beginning of this year, the foreign trade deficit has reached K 100 billion, which is understandably at the expense of the relatively expensive import of energy raw materials.

Insight into the future

Ervencov’s data did not show much surprise and draw a similar picture. As an industrial country, Czechia is considered to have closed the energy corridors the industrial sector can be resisted.

Meziron is compared to the norm of 2020, i.e. the last normal month. Compared to that, the production volume of the Czech industry is currently up by roughly 1.3%.

An insight into the near future has never been equal before. The value of new orders remains at a reasonable level, but between months it decreased quite strongly . Even from neighboring Germany, it is receiving signals of weakening demand.

The situation on the energy markets is also dramatic, and it can be assumed that it will be more pronounced in the dampening of industrial activity. According to the progress indicators, the mood in the manufacturing sector is noticeably worsening, however the idea of ​​bridging and limiting activity, for the time being, the voice of relatively few companies . The industry’s eyes will be focused mainly on the anticipated European energy crisis. If a tangible lion does not come from here, a significant drop in industrial activity can be expected during the fall.

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