Gloss: Fear of Wenceslas as a lever for revolution

Gloss: Fear of Wenceslas as a lever for revolution
Gloss: Fear of Wenceslas as a lever for revolution

Fear has big eyes, but the lie has short legs. The organizers of the Wenceslas Square demonstration are exploiting our fear of the future. Let’s not push ourselves another “victory February” just because they made our electricity more expensive again.

We have already read enough about Saturday’s demonstration on Wenceslas Square, among other things, that it was not the action of pro-Russian trolls or that people went there because they were afraid.

So that people don’t worry either – when they read about sold-out kerosene bottles, waiting lists for hopelessly dismantled heating wood, electricity prices on the wild stock exchange, or about the fact that until we apologize to the Russians and lift the sanctions, they won’t send us any more gas to Europe…

We don’t know what will happen to us – but we are already afraid of it. That fear is an effective instrument to control people is nothing new. If anyone knows this very well, it is the conveners of Saturday’s demonstration. In this game, the Czech government resembles the crew of a ship in a wild storm, trying to calm the passengers while some of the crew run around the deck hysterically shouting that we are all going to perish now. Both sides probably have “their right”, but crowd madness is contagious and whoever wants to face it with calm force is pulling the short rope.

Despite the disturbing news from the world, a glance around can confirm that the lights are still on and the wipers are still on. No one is dying of cold, hospitals have electricity and when you turn on the kettle, there will be Brazilian coffee. Panic has never helped anyone, and if it wants something, it’s calmness and balance. Sit down and read once more what the organizers of Saturday’s demonstration are really up to. Because that’s just fear.

Additional comments on the Wenceslas Square demonstration:

The official website of the event invites you to sign a petition, which should guarantee every Czech household 3 MWh per year for free. The claim is justified by the fact that it is Czech electricity produced in Czech, that is, our power plants. One would like to add “because it belongs to all of us together”, but perhaps that is not even necessary.

3MWh consumption is the average consumption of a medium-sized family home, so the petition is blatantly calling for us to nationalize electricity and distribute it to the people. “It’s our electricity, we’re taking it for free now!” is written on the website with an exclamation point.

What comes next? Are we going to take apart Czech rolls, butter or Škodovka, because they are made here in the Czech Republic, just because you are giving them to us now? What about land and means of production? Considering the requirements for military neutrality, the liberation of Czech industry from dependence on foreign companies and the provision of direct contracts with gas suppliers from Russia, this does not sound like a phantasmagoria at all.

The situation is reminiscent of the scene from the film The Baker’s Emperor, where the chamberlain Lang, as one of the conspirators, is about to take advantage of the inattention of the supposed Rudolph II. and slips him a deed of abdication. Point? Before a person signs something or stands for something in the square, he should read it or accept the fact that someone can cheat him. Better to tell yourself now than to wonder later.

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