The region wants to turn the People’s Gardens in Liberec into a musical creative center

Five culturally creative centers should be established in Liberec in the future. The Liberec region would like to create one of these centers, focused on music, in Liberec’s Lidové sady. The project was presented by the Regional Deputy for Culture Květa Vinklátová, who also, as a representative of the Association of Regions, negotiated with the Ministry of Culture the conditions for drawing subsidies from the National Renewal Plan. Of this, 152 million should flow to the Liberec Region. From this money, the region would also like to pay for the transformation of the People’s Gardens, which is expected to cost 121 million crowns.

View from above of the People’s Gardens in Liberec.

| Photo: People’s orchards

“Originally, the money from the National Recovery Plan was supposed to be distributed through a competition, which we managed to change with the support of all the other regions. The money will be distributed equally to all regions, and 15 culturally creative centers in the entire republic will be created with it,” explained Květa Vinklátová.

One of these centers should be established in Liberec. The Liberec region wants to create the already mentioned musical creative center from the People’s Gardens, the city of Liberec could receive another part of the item from the National Renewal Plan for the creation of a cultural center in Linserka.

“However, we do not know beforehand whether our request will be approved. Applications are submitted until September 12, then they will be evaluated by the Regional Standing Conference, and only then will we know the result of whether we will be able to get the money for Lidové sady,” Vinklátová noted.

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Even if the region does not succeed, it will start gradually restoring the People’s Gardens. “Reconstruction is needed, both large and small halls, the Experimental Studio and the facilities, and the large energy inefficiency of the building is also a problem,” the deputy explained. Folk kits are also troubled by outdated technical equipment and other things. “The acoustics here are bad, the reverberation lasts for three seconds, and this excludes sharper genres from being played here, especially the higher sounds disappear completely. If we want to move forward, reconstruction is necessary,” Michal Kadlec, program manager of the People’s Gardens, said earlier.

In total, there are to be five such specialized centers in Liberec, but the creation of the others will be financed from other sources. The Liberec network would be complemented by the Warsaw Cinema as a film center, the Liberec castle, in which Anifilm wants to create a space dedicated to animated production, and the last piece of the puzzle could be a visitor center dedicated to glass. However, this is still in the phase of finding a suitable place and negotiations.

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