Prague will release money to help with inflation

However, the opposition says that it is not only families with small children who are affected.

According to the mayor’s deputy Pavel Vyhnánek (Prague sebo), everything is related to the aid package for the people of Prague for about one billion crowns, which the representatives approved in June. Helping families with children is one of the pillars. If families use it, they can save up to 50,000 crowns per school year, according to Vyhnánek.

According to the leader of Prague, Jan Čižínský, the help that comes in September is appropriate because September is financially very demanding for families with children. Anyone who discovers that their family has less than 200 crowns per person per day should contact the management of their school or kindergarten. Children can receive, for example, an allowance for meals or courses, based on an affidavit. “The aid is targeted, concrete and very easily obtainable,” said Čižinský.

Children can receive a supplement for meals, school fees, courses

The opposition will probably want to extend the aid on Thursday, according to Alexandra Udženije (ODS), it should not only be about schoolchildren. “All aid is directed only to children between the ages of 0 and 15, and I consider that discriminatory,” Udzheniya said, adding that high school students should also be considered. According to Čižinski, other pillars of aid should follow. “Criticizing individual measures does not make sense, it is necessary to look at the whole,” Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (pirates) responded to the criticism.

The municipality distributes money in five categories to the town halls according to the number of inhabitants. These are food allowances, school fees, groups and clubs, a contribution to a social pedagogue and a solidarity fund. This year, the town hall receives a contribution of 240 crowns per pupil to the fund from the municipality, the allocation of money is decided by the directors of schools and other institutions that receive the money. Over 211 million crowns are allocated for board, school fees, groups and clubs.

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Prague 4, which is the largest city district, will receive the highest contribution, the municipality will send it 24.5 million crowns. The second highest amount, about 22 million, will be received by the Prague 5 town hall, over 20 million crowns will go to Prague 8 and 10. The town halls should distribute the money to schools and kindergartens for the benefit of children.

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