The three-meter street was impassable for four years, now the absurd repair is over

The three-meter street was impassable for four years, now the absurd repair is over
The three-meter street was impassable for four years, now the absurd repair is over

Symbolically, an imaginary “monument” that was created in Jihlava thanks to a complicated legal dispute over the city’s water management infrastructure that dragged on for eleven years fell. The dispute ended with an agreement last year.

Critics objected not only on social networks, that there was nothing to celebrate at the end of the four-year anabasis. They wrote that the city would rather have discreetly put the widely mocked and discussed building into use.

“They should have opened it quietly and without fanfare… Such a shame, and still laugh about it. Some potential voters may take that as a mockery,” wrote the popular sharp glossary of Jihlava events with the nickname Jarda Dobrozlák Matějka on Facebook.

The mayor of Jihlava, Karolína Koubová, is said to be not surprised by such reactions. But he doesn’t agree with them either. “Of course, the question is whether there is something to celebrate in this case, but from my point of view, yes. It was not a normal situation and for a time it seemed that it had no solution,” she said.

He considers the opening of the street to be a symbolic watershed after the end of the water dispute.

“On this street, we see what happens when the city doesn’t look at its property. The dispute had grown to incredible proportions and was already so complicated that people and even many city councilors were not interested. However, the city was not the master of its critical infrastructure. Now that is no longer the case,” said Koubová.

What was the problem with the reconstruction of Jiřího z Poděbrad Street? The city started it shortly before the last municipal elections in 2018. Before the start of the reconstruction during the construction procedure, the city allegedly received erroneous information from the union for reasons that are not entirely clear, that the sewerage under the roadway was in order.

After the work started, however, it became clear that the sewer under the roadway was in a desolate state, completely destroyed in some places. But at that time it was not the property of the city. It belonged to the Jihlavsko Waterworks and Sewerage Union, from which the city left in 2012.

Soon after the start of the reconstruction, work was suspended until last year. Later, the original supplier also withdrew because it was unable to guarantee the original prices due to the delay. The work for 15.5 million crowns was therefore completed only now. The street was opened to normal traffic on Monday.

Residents came to terms with the closure, they had peace

The locals have already come to terms with the closed street, they reached their homes with vehicles even when it was closed. “At least it was quiet here. But we are happy that we will be able to drive on the street again,” said resident Antonín Krejčí.

Deputy Mayor Jaroslav Vymazal mentally sprinkled his head with ashes when opening the street. He was one of the politicians who years ago stood at the beginning of the dispute over water management infrastructure.

“Perhaps I should apologize for starting this 11-year dispute, but it is basic infrastructure that has a huge impact on the development of the city. Therefore, the city must manage it and be able to manage it,” said Vymazal.

After the property settlement with the group and the handover of the water and sewerage “pipes” to the property of the city, the water division of Jihlava City Services takes care of them.

Pod Příkopem street should also be opened after reconstruction this year, Seifertova and Bří Čapků streets are to be repaired next year.

This is what Jiřího z Poděbrady street looked like in June 2019:

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