There will be a general calm. Pavel revealed where he will go as president

There will be a general calm. Pavel revealed where he will go as president
There will be a general calm. Pavel revealed where he will go as president

You can see it everywhere today, that in many ways disorder, chaos and helplessness reign here. A lot of things just don’t work here, General Pavel, in the video clip. He is repairing his motorcycle at the moment.

We need general calm. We need the rules to be followed and apply the same to everyone. I’m going first, as I’ve done all my life, continues the former lieutenant general of the Army R. His words are accompanied by the sound of jumping from an army helicopter.

In the video, life experiences from the army are compared to moments from your old life. Pavel cuts a tree, beats wood, repairs the roof, sits with the bees by the fire or pulls weeds in the garden. Podek also wants to go to the Castle.

I will be the first to thank the President. I will work, respect status and actively deal with anyone who is open. Mm used to dret the word. And I will demand the same from all politicians, including generals.

The personal and general policy of the current president, Milo Zeman, is the asthma of criticism of a large part of Czech society.

There is a wolf in Europe

Zbry, which depicts Pavel in uniform, is interspersed throughout his promotional video. In the end, however, the former chairman of the NATO Military Committee pulls out a civilian suit. I am General Pavel and I am ready to get down to business, he says to potential voters of the presidential candidate who wants to lead the country to security, peace and prosperity.

There is a wolf in Europe, prices are rising in Estonia and the impact of the economic crisis on us. In these times, we need a president who will give a clear direction, not rush or confuse. And that’s why I’m running, Pavel explains the reason for the candidacy on his website.

Campaign started

On Tuesday, Pavel officially confirmed his candidacy for the president of the republic and presented his election slogan Vram ešku da klid. He wants to be the president, who goes out. He declared an active foreign policy, an innovative economy with added value, independent energy, a sustainable and healthy living environment as priorities.

In the coming months, Pavel wants to visit the Czech Republic, collect the signatures of voters and give them for campaign tickets. In the middle, the campaign will continue in the Steck region, until the end of autumn it is planned to cover all regions.

He wants to run as an independent candidate, so he needs to get a minimum of 50,000 signatures. I have collected about half now. So far, he has received about 10.5 million crowns from the fundraiser and the sponsor of the transparent fund.

According to public opinion polls and according to the Czech offices, Pavel is the favorite in the elections together with the chairman of the ANO movement, Andrej Babi. It is not certain at the moment whether Prime Minister Babi also got into them.

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