Turkey has opened the floodgates to Europe for Syrians, the Austrian interior minister said

Turkey has opened the floodgates to Europe for Syrians, the Austrian interior minister said
Turkey has opened the floodgates to Europe for Syrians, the Austrian interior minister said

The Austrian identified as a problem the fact that Hungary does not accept back refugees who continue to go through Slovakia and the Czechia to Germany or Austria. It means that agreements to return refugees to the first safe country are not being followed.

Radek Vondráček, a member of the opposition ANO, proposed discussing the situation surrounding the increasing number of refugees heading to the Czech Republic. And the Austrian minister responded that he would surprise the parliamentarians because he agrees with the negotiations on this issue.

This is how Erdogan threatens Greece:

Deputies have not yet gotten to vote on the program. They met for the first time after ANO and SPD failed to topple the government of Petr Fiala. “After two wild summer meetings, we are trying to choose non-conflicting points,” said Marek Benda, head of ODS deputies. As an example, he cited the treaty with Qatar on the avoidance of double taxation, which he says is important because of the import of liquefied gas from Qatar.

“At the meeting, the MPs will also start dealing with the proposed change to this year’s state budget, which deepens the deficit by 50 billion to 330 billion crowns.

“The government is increasing the deficit by 50 billion, while the war in Ukraine, the compensations associated with this concern about 22 billion, 16 billion is the matching of mandatory legal expenses, which certainly could not change in such a way in three months. It puts us in debt, but citizens and companies get nothing back,” criticized the head of the ANO club, Alena Schillerová.

We can come suddenly, even at night. Greece is no match for us, Erdogan threatens

“We do not agree with this structure of the state budget. There are huge expenses that are not needed at the moment,” SPD chairman Tomio Okamura said.

He proposed that, according to Okamura, the House should deal primarily with the harmful activities of Petr Fiala’s government, which, according to him, does not solve the price increase.

ANO and SPD will propose a meeting on energy

The ANO movement and the SPD will once again submit an initiative to call an extraordinary meeting of the House of Representatives on the energy crisis and help citizens.

Before the initial round of discussions, there are also some government or coalition proposals that are causing controversy. These include the tightening of the ban on media ownership and the acceptance of subsidies and investment incentives in an apparently stricter conflict of interest law. For example, politicians should not transfer the media to a close person or to a trust fund.

ANO and SPD also do not like the government’s proposal, which newly involves senators in the election of members of the boards of Czech Television and Czech Radio. SPD is not represented in the upper chamber, ANO has one of the smallest senatorial clubs.

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