A policeman was punished for a rough assault in Prague. What, the police do not want to say again

The video, which was previously reported by Novinky, captured the man at the door of the police station, from which a police officer suddenly came out and immediately without warning hit the man hard in the chest with his hands. An attack followed, when the policeman did not let the man get up from the ground with repeated blows, then stepped on him and punched him several times.

It was evident from the published part of the video that it was probably a provocation on the part of the attacked man, but at the same time it is true that a police officer can only use legal means against a person. But in this case, the man on the recording did not threaten him in any way, while it was enough to simply handcuff the young man.

The policeman who harassed the staff of CT received a disciplinary punishment

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The case, when the policeman apparently lost his temper, was dealt with by the so-called controlling authorities of the Prague police. “They evaluated the procedure of the police officer from Horní Počernice as justified, but unreasonable. For this reason, a punishment was imposed on him as part of the disciplinary proceedings,” police spokeswoman Violeta Siřišťová told Novinek on Tuesday, adding that the disciplinary proceedings are closed to the public.

The spokeswoman refused to say what exact punishment the police imposed, referring to the sections. “The law does not allow us to publish the imposed punishment as part of disciplinary proceedings,” Siřišťová mentioned, adding that the police officer continues to work in the local department.

Brutal attack by a policeman on a man in Horní Počernice

In general, the Internal Control Department investigates disciplinary offenses in relation to the Police Act, the punishment being, for example, a reprimand from the management, a reduction in salary or even dismissal from the corps.

Other colleagues of the investigated police officer also observed the incident, but they were not affected by the control procedure.

Vondrášek: The means of coercion against the woman in Krumlov were fine, we must not allow ourselves to like that


The General Inspection of the Security Forces (GIBS) also assessed the case earlier, stating that they found nothing criminal in the incident. According to the inspection, for example, even attempted bodily harm does not fit the situation. GIBS did not deal with the incident any further and left any punishment to the police disciplinary proceedings.

The photo looks crazy, the inspectors will investigate it, said the unhappy Vondrášek to the kneeling boy


According to the police, the attacked man was a six-time convicted recidivist, who shortly before the incident was said to have been aggressive and threatened to kill the police officers and repeatedly disobeyed their calls.

According to the spokesperson, there was another visit to the office by the attacked person himself. “The man, towards whom the police officer proceeded, came to the police station to apologize for his behavior and promised, among other things, that he would never drink alcohol again, because then he behaves inappropriately,” the spokeswoman added. The police did not specify what atmosphere accompanied the meeting this time.

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