Pre-election vandalism: heads scribbled, tarpaulins cut, car splashed with paint

Candidates for municipal councils and the Senate across the political spectrum in the entire region are now facing similar vandalism ahead of the September elections. According to the expert, this indicates a tense atmosphere in society.

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There have been problems with the banner where Hanko promised to solve the parking problem in Litoměřice since he placed it near the cultural center two weeks ago. Passers-by plastered him with stickers and chewing gum. “It’s not a coincidence, it’s specifically aimed at the SPD,” thinks Hanko. However, the same SPD banner on Mírové náměstí is fine for now. And at least the local ANO candidate has also encountered the tearing of a poster in Litoměřice in recent days.

With a camera that would theoretically reach the SPD pre-election banner in Litoměřice, the police officers primarily supervise crossings. Even at night.Source: with the permission of the Litoměřice Municipal PoliceThe problematic SPD banner stands next to the stretch road in Na Valech Street. At night, lamps are lit here, and the place can theoretically be watched by a moving security camera from under the roof of a nearby school. With a long eye, the policemen keep a watchful eye on the pedestrian crossings at the roundabout as a matter of priority. Mainly in the morning, but it is said to be needed at night as well. But after the double attack, they probably focused on the banner. And it paid off. After a one-day break, someone did not hesitate to vandalize him again on Tuesday night.

As the city police informed Deník on the morning of Tuesday, September 6, this time they caught the perpetrator. “It happened yesterday before 10 p.m.,” described the head of the city police, Ivan Králik, specifying that it was a 42-year-old man. He is now awaiting administrative proceedings.

Senate meeting - illustrative photo

Senate elections: Most candidates are heading to the elections in the colors of the SPD and ANO

On Monday, September 5, the candidates of the Health, Sport, Prosperity party headed to Mírové náměstí in Ústí to once again put up the tarpaulins with their program. After Friday’s wine and burčák celebrations in the city center, someone tore them from the beams in the clearing below the regional office, near the so-called “hole”. According to Radim F. Holeček from the candidate, who was at the “second attempt” on Monday, the damage could also be caused by ordinary vandalism by someone who did not look left and right. But also someone who harmed purposefully. “It is interesting that the competitor’s booth nearby remained absolutely untouched,” Holeček points out.

Holeček went to the police because of the torn tarpaulins and was promised that he would look at the camera footage. Holeček doesn’t take damage lightly even because of what happened recently. On the car of Senate candidate Jaroslav Telecký, with whom Holeček works, someone smeared the face of Senator Jaroslav Doubrava with synthetic paint. “The paint leaked into the tank. It was hot that day, the synthetics could bang, the car was parked near the kindergarten,” Holeček points out, adding that the police will probably treat this act as a suspicion of committing a crime, not a mere misdemeanor.

Political vandalism is the daily bread of candidates in Louny. Someone crossed out the local Pirates on the sail. Petr Felix Šťastný, as the leader of the Louna Společné candidate, then took a picture next to the damaged tarpaulin with a cross crossed out directly on his face.Petr Felix Šťastný, as the leader of the Louna Společné candidate, then took a picture next to the damaged tarpaulin with a cross crossed out directly on his face.Source: with the permission of Petr Felix ŠťastnýThe destruction of pre-election promotional materials is the daily bread of municipal politicians in Louny. To Milan Rychtařík (ANO), someone writes “Stop Milan, it will be better” on posters instead of “It will be better for Milan”. Currently, according to Deník, there is a torn billboard with Jan Kerner (ODS) on the main road from Loun to Prague. “It happens to everyone here,” confirms Vratislav Filípek from the Loun Pirates. Their candidate for mayor in the coalition of Louny together, Petr Felix Šťastný, recently turned the riot into a joke when he scribbled on his face with a felt-tip pen in the same strokes that an unknown vandal had done on a canvas in the city, and took a picture.

The Loune coalition did not even report this latest damage anywhere. As well as the recent cutting of the tarpaulin right in the central square. It is said that the Pirates in Louny experience similar damage year after year, and so far they only dealt with the theft of promotional materials from the square last year. They also had a tip about who stole, but the police postponed their report due to lack of evidence. By the way, the Loune parties inform each other where someone has a damaged billboard and other promotional items, sometimes the competition even clears them up. According to Filípek, fanatical party supporters are behind such vandalism rather than their candidates themselves.

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Municipal politicians in Teplice also experience vandalism. According to Deník, the SPD “cube” has been vandalized there on Zámecké náměstí. Although this element is also directly under the city’s camera system, the police have not been able to prove someone else’s culpability. Some posters in the spa town are also torn. Specifically, someone is drawing an indecent image in the shape of a diamond on the foreheads of the local YES candidates.

A political scientist sees the competition and frustration of people

Academician Lukáš Novotný focuses on German politics, according to him, the political culture there is more moderate than that in the Czech Republic, pre-election vandalism is not common there.Academician Lukáš Novotný focuses on German politics, according to him, the political culture there is more moderate than that in the Czech Republic, pre-election vandalism is not common there.Source: with the permission of Lukáš NovotnýAccording to political scientist Lukáš Novotný, the destruction of pre-election propaganda in the cities of the region is an image of the current political culture in the Czech Republic. A political scientist who teaches students at the Faculty of Philosophy in Ústí, he specializes in Czech and German politics. He doesn’t know anything like that from his neighbors. “But in Germany the erosion of traditional parties is not as great as here. So there aren’t even that many newcomers who need to make themselves visible,” Novotný compares. According to him, behind the damaged sails may not be just ordinary vandalism, but also financial need. “Parties and movements today no longer have so many funds for promotion, and the destruction of other people’s materials can be aimed at harming the competition,” the political scientist thinks.

According to him, on the other hand, undecided voters can also be behind the damage. “A large number of people are not represented by any political party in the parliament,” reminds Novotný, adding that the Social Democrats in particular previously kept their electorate away from radicalization. A political scientist would not be surprised if politicians in northern Bohemia were especially struggling with vandalism. “Frustration bubbles up the most in economically and socially disadvantaged areas. People feel neglected here. This may lead to the cutting of canvases with the faces of politicians, but it will be shown mainly in the election results,” assumes Novotný.

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