eskem pejcej strong boky, warning salary for those regions

eskem pejcej strong boky, warning salary for those regions
eskem pejcej strong boky, warning salary for those regions

Warning marked medium, i.e. in orange color before very strong beeches, pay according to the state for the Stedoesk region: Beroun, ernoice, Dob, Hoovice, Pbram, Sedlany, according to the Plzeň region: Domalice, Horovsk Tn, Kralovice, Nany, Plze, Rokycany, Stod, Stbro , Tachov and Karlovy Vary region: Karlovy Vary, Marinsk Lzn.

In Lokal, flooding occurs with possible intense runoff of water from the slopes, fast distributary small streams and dry riverbeds. This can lead to a flooded underpass, drive-through, basement, under-ground road or blocked by blown material, etc. Wind gusts can break branches, uproot trees. Hail and lightning represent danger.

You can expect codes on property, breakdowns in the energy sector, problems in transport, etc. You must pay attention to safety, especially with regard to the danger of being struck by lightning and sudden falling and flying objects, falls and hail. It is necessary to secure windows, doors, glasses, loosely placed objects, etc. Do not enter or exit flowing water and flooded areas. If the vehicle is in a storm, reduce the driving speed and drive very carefully, warn the meteorologists from HM.

In the NW forests and in the central forests, two beech trees with supercellar features were created after the explosive development. We are preparing an alert. expect the possibility of hail, gusty winds, lightning and intense lightning activity.

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