Video: Girl with a bike. The youngest helper of the Anthropoid landing party has a memorial in Prague

Lucie Strachová


/PHOTO GALLERY/ Since Sunday, Jindřiška Nováková, the youngest murdered helper of the Anthropoid paratrooper, has had an unconventional installation in the courtyard of the Bohumil Hrabal Elementary School in Prague 8.

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The Girl with a Bike monument and a commemorative plaque commemorating the youngest helper of the Anthropoid landing party.

| Photo: Deník/Lucie Štrachová

On May 27, 1942, Jindřiška cleared the bike on which Jan Kubiš, one of the masterminds of the attack on the representative Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich, was fleeing. That is why the monument was called the Girl with a Wheel. The work consists of many hoops, between which wires are strung, so that each one is distinctly reminiscent of bicycle wheels. They are joined together to form a sphere. At the top sits the iron outline of a girl with her hand outstretched to the heavens.

Source: Lucie Štrachová

The author of the winning proposal, Lukáš Wagner, based his words on historical sources of the history of the girl with the bike, on how the events happened.

The monument is in the immediate vicinity of a commemorative plaque commemorating that Jindřiška Nováková went to this school. The entire Novák family was arrested on July 9, 1942. On September 29, 1942, the Nazi court sentenced them to death in absentia, including the fourteen-year-old Jindřiška, which contradicted the then-current German laws.

The Prague 6 district unveiled a commemorative plaque to Oscar-winning director Jiří Menzel.

Video, photo: Two years after his death, Jiří Menzel has a memorial plaque

On October 22, 1942, they were deported to Mauthausen and murdered here two days later with a shot to the back of the head. Jindříška was hit by a bullet at 12:30 p.m.

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