esk design moved to Brussels. After Expo 58, he wants to repeat the rush of domestic brands

Bruselsk Museum of Design stands within sight of the Atomium, a 165-billion-square-meter model of iron powder crystals, around which the World Congress took place in 1958. She was famous, the first to be allowed, and her fame was also taken away by the Slovakia of that time. His pavilion received a gold star, the highest award for construction, and the name Brussels furniture or Brussels porcelain entered the Czech dictionary according to the useful design products that lived there.

After 64 years, they still have the ambition to repeat the race. They brought an object to the Design Museum, which is supposed to represent the best and most interesting that Czech design has brought since the velvet revolution in 1989. It is one of the biggest cultural events during the current Czech presidency of the EU. The exhibited objects will be on view from the 7th to the beginning of January 2023.

The exhibition entitled “Design and transformation” was prepared by the Vysok kola umleckoprmyslov in Prague (UMPRUM), the leading institution for the field, together with the Moravian Gallery in Brno and other partners. Newbies shouldn’t just expect the “usual suspect” like, for example, modernized onion porcelain or modified famous kodoka models.

“With partners from business, we are trying to induce the desire of young women,” said the rector of UMPRUM, Jindich Vybral

8/12/2022 ▪ 12 minutes the

Czech Republic brought beds from Linet, a hegemon in its industry, to the Belgian metropolis of hospitals, the world-famous Samorostod floor game by Jakub Dvorska, a modeler and UMPRUM graduate, or the unfinished Xiood kit by designer Tom Hovorka.

Three-dimensional printing machines from the Prusa Design company are printing here in the museum. Newbies can now build something, just like playing a fantasy Samorost on tablets.

In addition to the established items, several original pieces were created just for the installation. esk slip of the Bomma sign, for example, let one of the hunters blow a drop-shaped chandelier in the shape of a mirror around her.

“The exhibition shows that, despite various political and economic upheavals, the country has maintained some of its traditional fields, and many of the companies and designers represented at the exhibition are on par with the rest of the world,” said exhibition curator Daniela Kramerov during a press tour.

In Brussels, drivers will find a comfortable environment. The city has a varied cultural life, because artists from nearby Paa or London flock here mainly because of it. The people of Brussels are used to something going on outside on the streets and outside institutions. The construction itself started in the month when the Belgian design festival was regularly held in Brussels. That’s why Design Museum Arnaud Bozzini said that he is “very curious” about the objects on display.

In addition to the museum, the construction will take place in the premises of the Prague House, where the Czech metropolis is represented in Brussels. She has been moving home from Belgium for the past five years and should continue to study abroad.

I have a job, but I have to stop behaving like pansies, to Vice-Rector of UMPRUM Radek Sidun

HN: In your speech to the uprising, you said that you had been waiting for a similar event for a long time. Who and for the song Ekal?

he asked the field for it. we waited twenty years to get the opportunity to present Czech design in the garden for construction and we had the support of Stut. When you ask about esk design today, nobody knows much. Present yourself as an individual company, but no one is up to the brand esk design. For comparison, UMPRUM regularly hosts a love festival of design and others, and national presentations regularly appear here. Poland has a very well-developed presentation there – a mini-introduction of their product, a great catalog, they are simply prepared. Polish design is talked about in Zahrani v, but not about naem. It’s okay, but you have to stop being a pansy to them.

HN: How does it manifest itself and why is it so?

To the extent known, it is a tax except for state institutions. I will give an example: we received support for the Brussels constitution from the Czech government, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Foreign Affairs and others. We invited all the players of those institutions to the opening. And we are all sorry at this moment. Private companies, on the other hand, are skeptical that they will receive support similar to the constitution or ast na nno pines. They are used to fairs with hostesses, where you hand out flyers and they go home. The presentation is not placed in any socio-economic context. Just a catalog, which is a book published in Etienne and in English, which has 150 pages, there are product histories and their designers, and compared to foreign catalogs, it is worth one million crowns.

HN: What should sttu’s support look like?

The road is ada, but it would be worth it if the Ministry of Industry and Trade came up with a concept on how to support selected fields of study. It would be great if design started to be considered innovation in the Czech Republic. Some of it is because we want to stand somewhere with an outstretched hand for donations, any designer outside the industry would help at least give a discount. Mainly, it would make their work easier, open the door to other fields. And it would be useful if there was a functional design center in Czech Republic that would support creators, bring them out and have a strategy to support them so that Czech products can be seen in the world. Design is not a discipline for a designer, it is a tool for development industry.

HN: Was it in your mind to get the design to Brussels during the EU presidency?

With my fellow designers Michal Frok and Jim Pelcl, we have been leading the debate about the introduction of Czech design abroad for many years, because we often go to festivals, alone, to eat and saw that there was nothing similar in Czechia. Jura Pelcl once sniffed at me like this and said: “Come on, let’s finish the design project when you’re in office (vice-rector of UMPRUM – note ed.).” We sat down and thought that we should be interested in Czech design against the backdrop of political and economic upheavals, and we realized that it was the presidency. So we decided that it was a possible mistake to convince the government of the point of preparing such a constitution, and even approached the presidency. It was successful and we hope that more presentations of the Czech design will follow.

Radek Sidun

Photo: Milan Jaro

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