The South Bohemian Region’s waste sorting competitions for 2021 already know their winners

The South Bohemian Region’s waste sorting competitions for 2021 already know their winners
The South Bohemian Region’s waste sorting competitions for 2021 already know their winners

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6/9/2022 3:31 p.m

ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICE – Today, in the premises of the Secession meeting room at the České Budějovice Regional Office, the ceremonial announcement of the results of the competitions of municipalities of the South Bohemian Region in waste sorting, announced by the Regional Office of the South Bohemian Region and the Authorized Packaging Company EKO-KOM, as Representatives of municipalities and cities that in the past year 2021 sorted waste the best, they received their prizes from the hands of Martina Filipová, director of the regional operations department of EKO-KOM, as, and František Talíř, first deputy governor of the South Bohemian Region.

In 2021, two competitions were traditionally held in the South Bohemian Region – the regional competition South Bohemia Sorts Waste 2021 (15th year) and the South Bohemian District Waste Competition 2021 (9th year). The first competition is further divided into 4 categories according to the size of municipalities and cities. In the second competition, as the name already suggests, municipalities and cities compete in sorting waste within the individual districts of the South Bohemian Region.

All 592 municipalities, towns and cities of the region involved in the EKO-KOM system were automatically included in these competitions. The organizers calculated the results of the competition from quarterly reports on the total amount and types of sorted waste, which municipalities regularly send to the aforementioned system. The total yield in all basic commodities, i.e. plastic, paper, glass and metals calculated per 1 inhabitant, was evaluated. Competing municipalities received further plus points in the supplementary assessment for non-container paper collection, for separate collection of clear glass, for collection of beverage cartons and for ensuring a sufficient and accessible collection network (i.e. for how many inhabitants of a village or city does 1 average container nest serve) .

“I offer my hearty congratulations to all the award winners in the competition of the municipalities of the South Bohemian Region in waste sorting. At the same time, I wish them a lot of joy, strength for their future work and thank them for setting an example for other municipalities on the next path to improving our region.” said the first deputy governor Talíř. At the same time, on this occasion, he remembered the time when he lived in Italy. “That country is beautiful, almost like southern Bohemia. But the difference is precisely in the waste management. Because there in certain regions you can come across mountains of garbage and that’s not the case here. Which fundamentally changes the quality of life, for the better for us, of course,” said the Plate. At the same time, he highlighted the importance of this competition. “I see this mainly as a motivation for other municipalities, who see that waste sorting really works and brings concrete results. Therefore, I will be happy if they also actively participate in this project in the following years, and the South Bohemian Region is ready to lend a helping hand to everyone if they are interested.” emphasized the first deputy governor.

IN category up to 499 of inhabitants, the municipalities placed in the South Bohemia sort waste 2021 competition Chamomile, Non-prison and Kubova Huť. The first two named municipalities received the award for 2020 in the same order.

IN category municipalities, towns and cities from 500 to 1999 residents, representatives of municipalities climbed onto an imaginary box Rudna, I put and Albrechtice nad Vltavou. Out of this trio, the village of Roudná improved compared to last year and rose to the highest level, i.e. to 1st place.

In the third category from 2,000 to 7,000 the city took over the congratulations of the residents Market Swinetown Silicon and the city Housekeeper. We have a jumper in this category as well, two places up. Last year, residents of the town of Trhové Sviny increased their waste sorting and thus moved their town from third place to gold rank.

IN category the largest South Bohemian cities, i.e. over 7,000 inhabitants, heralds welcomed the cities Winnipeg, Dusty girl and Milevsko. The interesting thing is that this trio repeated the order from the previous years 2019 and 2020.

In competition South Bohemian District Waste Competition 2021 the organizers announced the following winners: in the district of České Budějovice city Market Swinemunicipalities Little girl and Worse, in the Český Krumlov district municipalities Front Exhaust, Mine and Mirkovicebehind Jindřichhohradecky district municipalities Poland, Upper Germany and Hatin, in the district of Písek municipalities Chamomile, Minis and Non-prisonersE, for the district of Prachatice municipalities Quild, Borova Lada and Kubova Huť, in the district of Strakonice municipalities Trunk, Hoslovice and Mystique and in the Táborské district village Redcity Soběslav and the municipality Černýšovice.

As part of the ceremony announcing the winners, one more prize was awarded – Award for the most significant achievement in the field of handling, sorting and disposal of waste in the South Bohemian Region for the year 2021 with a financial reward of 20,000 CZK. A commission consisting of representatives of the Regional Office of the South Bohemian Region selected the municipality from all the candidates Little girl. Thanks to the efforts of the municipal office workers and the active participation of the residents of the municipality in sorting waste, it was possible to significantly increase the amount of sorted usable components of municipal waste year-on-year.

Author: Radek Šíma, press spokesman of the JČK

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