Stanjura: Apply for an energy trading license for your company Prisko

Stanjura: Apply for an energy trading license for your company Prisko
Stanjura: Apply for an energy trading license for your company Prisko

The website, owned by the Ministry of Finance, decided to use Stanjurv ad as an energy trader because it is faster than the creation of a new company and agency, which is being prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, reported on Tuesday. We will have it in stock. I assume that it needs to be done this year. And with newly founded organizations, I am not sure that it can be done, said the minister.

Prisko was founded in 1992 during the privatization of the Mladá Boleslav automobile company in the hands of Volkswagen. The Ministry of Finance, through it, owns a 100% stake in the company OKD.

The Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Skela for STAN should present the government in the center with options for the creation of a state-owned energy trading company. Even a newly created entity must apply for a license for energy trading. In this way, the state will have insight into two energy companies in particular, the server reported.

According to Skelá, establishing a state-owned energy trader is the fastest way to help, for example, regions, municipalities or hospitals, he told the newspaper today. If energy was purchased at a high price, stt would provide it at a discount to make energy affordable.

A hundred merchants should collect energy for the so-called protective order so that producers above a certain size will have to sell him hundred of production at a predetermined price. The purchase price according to Stanjura will include production costs plus nominal profit.

We have to make it legal. The debates over whether the sale was due to the company’s profit and whether it could have made a profit otherwise, the minister told Hospodsk novinim. According to them, the average shopkeeper will need to buy about one-tenth of the electricity consumption in Estonia.

At the moment, it is not clear whether the state business will take the form of an organized state unit or an independent first person. According to Minister Skelá, both have advantages and disadvantages. This will require a change in the law that is being prepared.

It is necessary that we have a merchant, who will purchase energy and provide it at acceptable prices to the public sector, said Skela today. In the future, according to him, it is possible that the state will use the state merchant for another element, not a one-time purchase of energy for the public sector.

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