Bear in Blanensko: municipalities have issued a warning, experts are reticent

The Šebetovský subsequently announced the warning on the municipal radio and passed it on to the surrounding villages. “I was contacted by locals who went for a walk near the giant pond. I contacted the police and the forest manager. The woods are now full of mushroom pickers. After a large-scale bark beetle calamity, animals look for shelter and can migrate longer distances. There are also a number of geek breeders who can release animals into the wild. That is also possible. I definitely don’t want to spread panic, but on the other hand, I wouldn’t take it lightly,” said Čížek, adding that he is in contact with the police.

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He went to look at the place, but found no traces of the beasts. Couldn’t even photograph anything. The newspaper Rovnost got in touch with a woman who was on a walk with her family at the weekend, allegedly saw a bear with a cub and reported it. She is convinced that she has actually seen this beast.

“In the evening, we went back around the pond along the road to Pohora. On the way back we saw a bigger animal. It looked like he was standing on his hind legs. We walked closer. It stood on all fours and turned onto its side. It was large, dark brown. It was a bear for me. I don’t drink or eat baldheads. I’ve walked through the forests here, I’ve seen deer and wild boar with my own eyes, but it was nothing like that,” said the woman to Deník Rovnost.

She added that after a while the cub also ran out. “It looked like it was heading our way. We didn’t wait for that and went away. I still saw the animals walking slowly up the steep hill,” she remarked.

They had not heard of a bear in Blanensko

The executive of the District Hunting Association of Blansko, Jaroslav Zelený, had no further information about this event on Tuesday morning. He described the occurrence of a bear in Blanensko as very unlikely, but did not rule it out.

“I would be careful with these messages. There were already a lot of similar testimonies, and it often turned out that it was one lady talking. Traces and photographs are conclusive. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Bears move to us from Slovakia, but their occurrence has been recorded in other locations. I have never heard of a bear in Blanensko. But it is true that a breeder could also have released him or he could have escaped from someone,” thought Zelený.

In the region, according to him, hunters have noticed the appearance of migrating European elk or lynx in the Moravian Karst in Blanensko. Three years ago, they warned in the south of Moravia about the appearance of a bear in Břeclavsk and Hodonínsk as well. A bear migrating through South Moravia was caught by two camera traps in the woods near Bzenc.

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According to Martin Duľa, a zoologist at the Institute of Forest Ecology at the Mendel University in Brno, the movement of a bear with a cub in the mentioned locality without being noticed by more people is very unrealistic. “Although it is not far from the Carpathians, it is very unlikely that a bear with a cub would have traveled such a distance in a human-altered landscape without being noticed. Near Prague, they searched for the bear with a thermal imaging helicopter and its occurrence was not confirmed. We know from observations in the Zlín region that people often confuse a bear with a large wild boar. It needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but it cannot be ruled out,” said Ďula.

Some time ago, he and his fellow experts monitored the island lynx in the Moravian Karst. “This is a hidden animal species. Nevertheless, we had reports of its occurrence practically every week. That is why it seems strange to me that such a large animal as the bear would escape attention for so long,” concluded the zoologist.

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