When you cook for fame: The most famous Czech chefs who conquered TV screens

When you cook for fame: The most famous Czech chefs who conquered TV screens
When you cook for fame: The most famous Czech chefs who conquered TV screens

It is not at all easy to write yourself into the subconscious of the audience with the best recipe. Who did it?

Ivan Vodochodsky

Actor Ivan Vodochodský, whom viewers can currently see on TV as the insidious mayor from the ZOO series, has already won the hearts of viewers with his cooking. By the way, politics is not his domain only on TV screens, from 2012 to 2016 he was also a representative of the Hradec Králové region.

You could see him in the show, for example Advice of the Lobster bird. With his wife Dagmar, he has a daughter Tereza and a son Vojtěch, both of whom are acting. You can also see Tereza in the series ZOO as an assistant who sometimes wraps Albert, Vojtěch portrayed Ivet Petr Sepeši in the miniseries.

Premek Forejt

You can’t forget the tattooed chef who started out as a young man to seek fortune in England and today, thanks to Masterchef, everyone knows him. It helped that he was unlike the other jurors Radek Kašpárek and Honzy Punčocháře it has crossed its shadow and can be seen in ways other than pots.

He actively advertises on social networks, so today he is almost an influencer, he sings, performed in show Your face has a familiar voice, does an advertisement for fast food McDonald’s and took one of our most famous actresses today, Eva Burešová, as his partner. With her in the past few days, he had their first son together, Tristan.

Zdenek Pohlreich

Zdeněk Pohlreich is a teacher of Czech gastronomy, an entrepreneur and a chef who was feared by many restaurants. From 2009 to 2018, he hosted the TV show Yes, Boss. Accident actually led him to cooking. After failing to pass the high school entrance exams, he set out to study cooking. In the beginning, he didn’t really enjoy it at all, and if someone had told him then that it would make him famous throughout the country, he would probably have laughed.

It owns several restaurants such as Cafe Imperial, Divinis and Next Door by Imperial.

He worked his way up from nothing, after 1986, when he emigrated, he worked abroad. First in the Netherlands, then in Adelaide, Australia. Prima did not hesitate to take advantage of his popularity and also added the Na nože show to him. Then more were added The boss on the grill, Fire it up, boss, Cook like a boss, Enough already, boss, Czechia cooks with Pohlreich, Now the boss is cooking and the Zdenek Academy. He is the author of several cookbooks, and even dubbed the character of chef Gordon Ramsey in one episode of the American series The Simpsons.

Jiří Babica

Some love him, others hate him or mock him. But its popularity cannot be denied! Czech chef Jiří Babica moderated the show in 2008–2014 Grandma’s treats on Nova TV. Later he moved to TV Barrandov with the show Grandma vs. Sapik. During the pandemic, he even started his own YouTube channel called Grandma’s TV, where he shows recipes for goodies according to his taste. Renowned for its versatility: “If you don’t have mustard, put ketchup. And if you don’t have ketchup, put salad in there.”

Lady Pear

When he came out with his microwave fryer, cupcakes, olive ice cream and the use of chicken skins, some were not surprised. Surprisingly, you do Láďa Hruška, promoter of cheap ingredientswon the hearts of many viewers.

According to Ládi Hruška, you can do it great fryer, when you grate some cheese into a cup, add an egg, brush with fat, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and shove it all into the microwave. The fryer is ready in a few minutes! And you can enjoy it in the office, they say.

His journey next door through the position of field reporter, food inspector to a culinary experimenter who tried to cook cheaply as part of reporting. However, he resigned in February 2015, and in August of the same year, he appeared on the rival Prima TV, where they entrusted him with his own show. To this day, Ládi Hruška gives out goodies every Sunday after lunch.

Jaroslav Sapík

He came into the subconscious of the Czech public mainly thanks to the program Czechia on a plate, where he showed Czech cuisine at a professional level. He is among its staunch defenders. He celebrated his beautiful 70 years this August and let himself be heard that he prefers younger people to those his own age. According to him, younger people do not need to constantly complain about something.

Roman Paulus

No one can deny that he is the first Czech chef to receive a Michelin star in 2012. After that, he defended it five more times. In 2013, he was the face campaign Paulus vs. Ihnacákwhich started his collaboration with the Lidl retail chain. He regularly gives interviews to the media related to gastronomy. He is the author of many recipes and books, and just about everyone knows his name.

Emanuel Ridi

If you ever wished you were “With an Italian in the Kitchen”, you are right here. It was through this program on Prima television that the Italian chef entered the consciousness of the Czech public, whom the public already considers more of a Czech gem than an Italian one. But for a while he also ran to the competition and on Nova TV presented a competition program together with Jaroslav Žídek My mom cooks the best. He was not missing even in StarDance, where he danced his way to the quarterfinals. In other shows, he showed viewers his native Italy or focused on entertaining Italian language lessons for children.

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