Older pupils and pupils are champions of the Central Bohemian Region

The women took an excellent fourth place in the playoff for the extra league

Already after the first disciplines in the pupils’ match, a pair of teams from Kolín and Kladno were clearly distinguished, fighting for the title, while the other teams competed for bronze medals and the last promotion place to the Czech championship. The Kolín team started the match with the victory of Ondřej Krále in the 1500 meters in 5:27.03 min. The Cologne victory followed in the next discipline, the hammer throw. Antonín Adam took care of him with a throw of 42.49 m. In the high jump, Ondřej Král won seven points with a performance of 160 cm, and in the 800-meter run, second Ondřej Kašička finished in a personal record of 2:10.02 min. and the fourth place went to Martin Hovorka in 2:23.19 min. Points were added after the shot put, thanks to the fourth Antonín Adam (10.57), the seventh Martin Dupák (10.11) and the ninth Radek Novák (9.94). The 100-meter hurdles brought a big point allocation. It was won by Kryštof Šantrůček in an excellent personal record of 13.65 s, which is the sixth fastest time in the Czech Republic, fourth place was won by Jaroslav Hnida (14.29), eighth was Vojtěch Kofroň (15.99) and ninth was Marek Převrátil (16.03 ). The colors of Kolín were also successful in the final in the 60-meter run, when Štěpán Veselý won the fourth Kolin victory in 7.59 s, Jakub Žižka was seventh in 7.93 s, and Štěpán Holeček was eighth in 7.96 s.

Velimská reserve mows down one opponent after another. The rookie hasn’t wavered yet

The fight for gold medals between Kolín and Kladno spilled over almost every discipline, and after the obstacle and smooth sprint, the home students were better off. That changed right after the long jump, where the Kladens got 34 points, while the Kolins only got three thanks to Jakub Žižek for a jump of 532 cm. In the 300 meter run, 15 points were added to the Cologne account thanks to Jan Šmejkal’s third place (40.35) and Štěpán Holeček’s fourth place (41.34). Josef Vonšovský was successful in the javelin throw, finishing third with a new personal record of 39.26 m, and Jakub Solom added two points (29.82). Seventeen points were added to the Cologne team after the 1,500-meter run, in which Adam Kondrát finished second (4:56.97) and Viktor Šťovíček (5:02.58). The 200 meter hurdles sprinters and discus throwers overturned the Kladno leadership to the Cologne side. In the steeplechase, he won the fifth Cologne victory in a new personal record of 27.83 with Kryštof Šantrůček, followed by Jaroslav Hnida (28.03), ninth was Martin Hovorka (33.60) and tenth was Marek Převrátil (33.66). The discus throw was won by Josef Pazdera, who with an excellent new personal record of 44.22 m reached the fifth place in the Czech tables, second was Antonín Adam (32.66), fourth was Jakub Solom (29.13) and eighth was Josef Vonšovský (24.40 ). However, Cologne’s joy at the lead did not last long. Although Štěpán Veselý added his seventh Cologne victory in the 150 meters in a personal record of 17.49 s, Martin Dupák (18.26) and Jakub Žižka (18.42) scored four points, but the students from Kladno scored 33 points and added 24 points from the pole vault, where no one in the Cologne jersey started. And so before the final relays, the students from Cologne lost 10 points. The excellent 4×60 meter sprint relays of Novák, Veselý, Hnida, Šantrůček (27.91) and Šmejkal, Dupák, Musil, Holeček (29.85) took first and third place and not only erased Kladno’s lead, but before the final 4×300 meter relay Cologne two points ahead. However, since Kladen won this relay and the Král, Kondrát, Kašička, Převrátil team from Cologne (2:53.20) finished second, there was a rarely seen flurry, when both teams collected 241 points. In such a case, the number of victories won in individual disciplines is decisive, and thanks to eight firsts compared to five victories of the Kladno boys, the students of Sokol Kolín-athletics became the champions of the region. Boys from Beroun will accompany the Kolín and Kladno teams to the Czech Championship, which will take place next Saturday in Nové Město nad Metují.

Result of the KP final: 1. Sokol Kolín-athletics 241, 2. AC TEPO Kladno A 241, 3. Lokomotiva Beroun 96, 4. Atletika Stará Boleslav 93, 5. SKP Olympia Kutná Hora 79.5, 6. Sokol Říčany and Radošovice 51, 7. SK Sporting Příbram 45.5, 8. AC TEPO Kladno B 28, 9. School athletics club Slaný 21.

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I can’t bake at home. They gave a shameful performance against Sadská

The team of older students had a less dramatic path to the championship title. After about a third of the race, it took the lead and maintained the lead for the rest of the race. The Cologne girls entered the match with 11 points for the fifth and sixth place of Klára Bulířová (7:02.27) and Barbora Miškovská (7:15.83) in the 1500-meter hurdles. Aneta Benešová (2:28.02) scored seven points in the 800-meter run after a scoreless shot put. A higher point gain meant the race in the long jump, in which Sofie Bébrová was second (515) and Simona Grumlová was seventh (487). Amálie Schederová took the first Cologne victory in the 100-meter hurdles in 14.79 s, while Martina Ježková finished third in 16.21 s. The sprinters were also successful in the A final of the 60-meter race, when Sofie Bébrová won in 8.19 s and Aneta Benešová finished third in a time of 8.36 s. Fourth Ema Hrabáková (34.74) and sixth Eva Vodseďálková (26.70) scored points in the hammer throw, nine points behind Kristýna Juřicová in the high jump (148) and tenth Simona Grumlová won the first place with a performance of 140 cm. Seventh-placed Simona Grumlová (45.17) and eighth-placed Kamila Műllerová (45.66) added seven points to the Cologne account.

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Eva Vodseďálková scored ninth in the 1500 meters (6:04.90), while Amálie Schederová added her second victory in the 200 meters hurdles with a time of 29.98 seconds, fourth place was taken by Martina Ježková (32.00) and ninth by Tereza Jelínková (34.11). In the javelin throw, Ema Hrabáková was third, who sent the implement to 34.09 m, and Monika Vávrová finished fifth with a new personal record of 31.42 m. In the 150 meter run, the couple Amálie Schederová (19.70) and Sofie Bébrová (19.91) scored excellent points, taking second and third place. In the last individual discipline, the discus throw, fifth Ema Hrabáková (28.05) and eighth Dominika Svinčáková (25.33) scored points. The victory and the winning of gold medals were then confirmed by the final relays, in which the girls from Nymburk powerfully extended Cologne’s safe lead. In the 4×60 meter quartet Müllerová, Kroužilová, Benešová, Juřicová finished fourth in 33.01 s and in the 4×300 meter group Bulířová, Kaňkovská, Jelínková, Vodseďálková finished tenth in 3:20.55 min. The victorious Cologne girls will accompany the second SKP Nymburk team and the third AC TEPO Kladno girls to the Czech championship.

Result of the KP final: 1. TJ Sokol Kolín-athletics 170.5, 2. SKP Nymburk 153, 3. AC TEPO Kladno A 148, 4. Atletika Stará Boleslav 121, 5. Atletika Líbeznice 103, 6. Lokomotiva Beroun 67, 7. SKP Olympia Kutná Hora 63.5, 8. Atletika Benešov 59, 9. Sports club LS Kladno 24, 10. AC TEPO Kladno B 12.

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The Kozlovs defeated Salzburg for the second time. Now only after the raids, Koukal decided

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