Only my aunt’s nurse had time to use up the reward for deployment during covid

Only my aunt’s nurse had time to use up the reward for deployment during covid
Only my aunt’s nurse had time to use up the reward for deployment during covid

Last year, only half of the nurses from hospitals in the Zlín region managed to go to Lzín with a voucher, which was offered to people on the front line for deployment during the covid epidemic. For example, out of fifteen nurses in the pulmonary ward of Bao’s hospital in Zln, only four had fathers.

This year, paramedics did not get the same opportunity, but their colleagues in hundreds of hospitals did. Our department was one of the main covid departments in the fall, so I didn’t have a chance to redeem the voucher. If it happened again this year, I would definitely be happy, said Kateina Palikov, head nurse of the criminal department.

This year’s regional program for female nurses turned out a little better. Of the 15 million crowns prepared for the redeemed voucher, they used roughly nine million, i.e. two-thirds.

The Zlnsk region is trying to move the state benefit to the region. The health commission of the Association of Regions also dealt with the different approaches to healthcare in state and regional healthcare facilities.

I am glad that my fellow councilor Vtinov supported my proposal to recommend that the subsidies be included back into the draft of the state budget for 2023. The governors will also deal with it, and I know that they will stand up for their health workers, said the regional deputy for health care, Olga Sehnalov.

According to Ondej Jakob, the Ministry of Health wants to renew the dotan program for the fifth year and should thus decide on the fall of the summer program.

The departure to Lzn was complicated by a wave

Vlda sent vouchers worth eight thousand crowns to hospitals for regeneration and rest in Lznice last fall. The pension was approved in August, the methodical instruction was followed, before people chose vacations, but then the covid wave hit. So we thought we’d wait and go for five years, that is, this year, said Martina Hvozdensk on behalf of the nursing unions at Baov Hospital. It was also written. But it turned out differently and the feeling of anger grew again, she added.

The new government extended the erp voucher this year only to certain hospitals. Nurses and nurses from the regional and private ones drank for the benefit, and the hospital had to move the dog in the hole all the time. The result? In Zln, out of 2,015 employees who had a pension, only 712 people left. In Kromsk hospital there were 201 nurses out of 658, in Uhersk Hraditi less than ten percent.

In about 20 cases, we had to cancel because people got sick and had to be replaced by sick colleagues because of the autumn wave of covid. There was so little time for the implementation, pointed out the spokeswoman for the Kromsk hospital, Veronika Slamnov.

The rooms did not only have the capacity for nurses, they were also occupied by clients and patients, added Dana Lipovsko, spokeswoman for the hospital. The second thing is that we had a covid wave in the fall, which led to the fact that the operation of the hospital was restricted and so a lot of employees were sick.

Hotelirm reimbursed the region for vouchers

On the other hand, front-line health workers and social service workers could receive regional benefits from October to the end of June. There were 4,285 vouchers worth 3,500 crowns available for a stay in another hotel, boarding house or accommodation facility in the Zlnsk region. The region then reimbursed the operator for this fee.

Although the health workers did not pay the entire balk voucher for half of the patients, for which the operator had an approved subsidy, even so, the hotel was a lot more expensive. For example, hotels in Lznice Luhaovice recorded 100 percent occupancy.

We took a 50 voucher and managed to redeem 48, that’s quite a rush. We wanted to help and support the health sector in this way as well, even though reporting vouchers and invoices meant worries for us, stated Dagmar Dvoulet from the Dvr pod Starma Horama guesthouse in Boric.

It certainly helped the occupancy of the hotel. We used 49 out of 50 vouchers, added Petra Bulkov from the Ogar family hotel in Pozlovice.

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