Austrian: Erdogan has opened the floodgates, he is letting the Syrians in here

“Erdogan is here right now before the presidential election (in Turkeynote ed.) he lets the Syrians go. It thus opens the way to Europe,” the Austrian declared at the plenary session in the Chamber of Deputies regarding the growing migration of Syrian refugees, which is also evident in the Czech Republic.

The minister emphasized that the cause lies in Turkey. “We have an open floodgate to Europe precisely from the side of Turkey. That’s why there is such an increase,” he added.

Currently, according to the Austrian, up to 95 percent of the migrants are Syrians who previously fled their country before the war and stayed in Turkey based on its agreement with the EU.

“These are people who do not come from the country of origin – that is, from Syria – but from Turkey. It’s proven,” he explained.

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According to the minister, the problem was also caused by Hungary, which stopped complying with readmission agreements on the readmission of refugees.

The Austrian will meet with his Slovak and German partners about the problem. “Then I will inform about it,” he noted.

Vondráček: The situation is escalating

On Tuesday, the minister responded to the speech of ANO MP Radek Vondráček, who wanted to include an item entitled “government information on the state of illegal migration in the Czech Republic” in the meeting.

“Citizens came to me with concerns about what is happening on the Slovakian-Czech border, that is, that Syrian migrants are moving there. And the situation is also escalating,” declared Vondráček at the lectern.

The number of captured refugees, for whom the Czechia is mostly a transit country, rose to 3,651 by August 21 of this year. For the whole of last year, there were 1,330 of them, in previous years it was around two to four hundred.

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