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New faces of young criminalists have arrived, played by Juraj Loj and Barbora Bočková, Major Plíšek Bolko Polívky is retired. Ondřej Vetchý, as the head of the Kozák murder party, still has captains Anděl (Petr Stach), Pražák (Filip Blažek) and lieutenant Sršně (Miroslav Vladyka) in his team. However, as their behavior in the previous series seemed natural and easy, now it seems to be a bit too much. For example, Sršň’s adolescent giggles when explaining to the boss that investigators shouldn’t use words like gay, gypsy, because it might appear on Twitter.

A clash between the old gang and the young investigators was also hinted at. So far, only in passing, one had to guess why Filip Blažek as Pražák gets angry.


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However, the main thing is the investigation. Ant police work that remains a mainstay of the series. And she is still the main driver. In that one, the indicated problems, including a correctly chosen dictionary, are left aside. Because, as his boss, Kozák, will say at the team meeting: “Those people out there have no idea what abomination we have to deal with here every day.”

The first case was the murder of a homosexual couple, in the series called Tenants, which shook even the real investigators. And it was again shown that without a well-coordinated team, which must “sit out” the case, “come out” and provide precise evidence, the case would not be clarified and the perpetrators apprehended.

The 1st Ward cases saw record viewership. They broke a ten-year record


The appearance of the head of the murder party Tomáš Kozák in Karel Šíp’s Všechnopárty at the end of the episode seemed to be extra, but it was apparently a bridge for the return of his predecessor Josef Koreys, who left for the Police Presidium. In the final shot, he watched Kozak’s TV appearance at home and heard his words that he was not tempted to go somewhere higher.

“There are cases when someone, even from my position, left for the presidium, but I think that person has nothing to envy. You sit alone in the office, sign a few papers and spend the rest of your working hours staring blankly at the wall. And you’ll never get off-road again. I would miss that terribly. And then to top it all off, you find out that all your colleagues have long forgotten about you.”

Judging by the expression of Miroslav Hanuš, i.e. Korejs, it is clear that he will return.

Due to the use of artistic license, the method of uncovering the perpetrators and the course of the investigation shown in this part of the series differs from the memoirs of criminalist Jan Štoček. He describes not only this story in the podcast series Thieves of Life, which has been publishing every Tuesday since September 6.

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