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Photo: Martin Voltr

In August, the hockey players of the Czech under-20 national team “enjoyed” it twice, now they will start with the same challenge for a change. We are talking about a fight with the selection of host Canada, which they will meet at the beginning of the winter world championship in Halifax and Moncton.

The U20 World Cup will be played in Canada for the de facto fourth time in a row, if we count the canceled tournament last Christmas. The country of the maple leaf was awarded the host after the International Ice Hockey Federation withdrew it from Russia in the wake of aggression in Ukraine.

The championship will be played from December 26, 2022 to January 5, 2023, this time in the east of the country. And this time, classically, in two arenas. The composition of the groups was determined by the IIHF in a very unconventional way based on the results of the last five championships, the Czechs were placed in group A alongside Canada, Sweden, Germany and Austria.

They will start the tournament on Tuesday, December 27 at 0:30 Czech time against the home team, which will defend the gold medals from Edmonton. He defeated the Czech team there in both mutual duels – in the group 5:1 and in the semi-final 5:2.

The remaining three juices will be different than in August. The next day they will face Austria, after a day off against Sweden – their defeater from the last battle for bronze – and after another break against Germany.

Coach Radim Rulík’s wards will play the group in Halifax’s main venue, the local Scotiabank Center arena can accommodate around 11,000 spectators. USA, Finland, Switzerland, Slovakia and Latvia will meet in Group B in Moncton.

The first four teams of each group will advance to the quarterfinals, where they will compete in a cross (1A–4B, etc.). The fifth teams in the groups will no longer avoid the series to maintain belonging to the elite division of the World Cup.

Photo: Martin Voltr

WC program under 20 years 2023

Group A (Halifax): Canada, Sweden, Czechia, Germany, Austria
Group B (Moncton): USA, Finland, Switzerland, Slovakia, Latvia

Monday, December 26:
17:00 Finland – Switzerland (group B)
19:30 Sweden – Austria (group A)
22:00 Latvia – USA (sk. B)

Tuesday, December 27:
0:30 Czechia – Canada (group A)
17:00 Finland – Slovakia (group B)
19:30 Germany – Sweden (group A)
22:00 Switzerland – Latvia (group B)

Wednesday 28 December:
0:30 Austria – Czechia (group A)
22:00 Slovakia – USA (sk. B)

Thursday 29 December:
0:30 Canada – Germany (Sk. A)
17:00 Latvia – Finland (group B)
19:30 Sweden – Czechia (group A)
22:00 USA – Switzerland (Sk. B)

Friday, December 30:
0:30 Austria – Canada (group A)
17:00 Slovakia – Latvia (group B)
22:30 Germany – Austria (group A)

Saturday 31 December:
17:00 Switzerland – Slovakia (group B)
19:30 Czechia – Germany (group A)
22:00 USA – Finland (sk. B)

Sunday January 1:
0:30 Canada – Sweden (sk. A)

The beginnings are given in Czech times, in the east of Canada it is 5 hours less.

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