Fiala: The Czechia and Poland renewed cooperation on the Stork II gas pipeline

The new gas pipeline will allow greater diversification of natural gas supplies in Europe. According to Prime Minister Fiala, ensuring energy security in the future is essential for the Czechia.

“We must not make the mistake of our predecessors in government who did not care about vigorous security, we are seeing the consequences today. If the previous government had worked on the Stork II gas pipeline, we would be in a different place today. Slovakia recently opened a connection with Poland, and we are at the beginning,” said Fiala.

Slovaks were not lazy and built. Today they are opening a gas pipeline that will cover their annual consumption


On Tuesday, the Czech Prime Minister discussed with his Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki the position of both countries regarding European energy plans, the support for the Stork II gas pipeline project and its contribution to the energy security of Central Europe.

The talks between the Czech and Polish prime ministers precede Friday’s extraordinary meeting of the energy ministers of the European Union member states.

“We agreed that there is a need to find a European solution and intervene in energy prices so that they are acceptable for citizens and companies. I am glad that we have a clear agreement on this as well,” said Fiala.

According to Fiala, there is a need to adjust the way electricity prices are now created.

“Both of our countries are in favor of a European solution and we are glad that other countries are joining us. We certainly have to talk about some form of price capping, some form of adjustment of how electricity prices are formed in the European environment today,” said the Czech Prime Minister.

Fiala: The solution to high energy prices will be ready


Fiala said in July that the Czech Republic is preparing a direct gas pipeline connection from Poland. Even at the end of April, he criticized the previous government of Andrej Babiš (ANO) for not providing sufficient political support for the Stork II Czech-Polish gas pipeline project.

Babiš rejects Fial’s criticism and points out that the Poles have lost interest in the construction of the Stork II gas pipeline.

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