Train drivers complain about frequent breakdowns and unclear regulations

The state, in cooperation with the Railway Authority, will more consistently control the quality of train maintenance. In the event of detection of misconduct, entities carrying out maintenance and repairs will face financial sanctions. At the same time, the quality of maintenance is reflected in the evaluation of Czech Railways managers.

The Ministry also intends to clarify the regulations and improve the conditions for train drivers and to simplify informing train drivers, for example by means of tablets.

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The survey, in which a total of 2,499 train drivers from passenger and freight transport took part, also responded to some of this year’s railway incidents. “By evaluating it and applying the conclusions in practice, we want to help the driver’s attention during the shift to be primarily focused on the safe delivery of the train from the starting to the destination station,” the minister pointed out.

60 percent of train drivers cited vehicle malfunctions as a frequent problem, among them, for example, air conditioning malfunctions or minor malfunctions while driving. Breakdowns or shutdowns on the railway complicate the work of 45 percent of train drivers.

Almost 38 percent included poor facilities for rest among frequent problems. In the Czech Republic, there were 853 incidents on the railways in the first eight months of the year. Year-on-year, this is about a 13 percent increase.

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