The dentist saved the swan with a precise operation. Veterinarians reported her

But one such person was a thorn in the side of the Chamber of Veterinary Doctors (KVL), which filed a report against her due to possible abuse, among other things.

This is a case from April, when animal rescuers intervened at the Třemošenský pond near Pilsen after a call from the city police. One of the adult swans had a torn esophagus and was bleeding from the throat after swallowing a fishing hook.

“Taking into account the urgency of the situation, we proceeded to immediate treatment of the injury right on the spot in order to minimize the possible time delay and the animal’s stress associated with transport,” said Karel Makoň, head of the rescue station.

The procedure itself was performed professionally and no veterinarian would be ashamed of it

Richard Bílý, Regional veterinary report

He entrusted the procedure to his wife Hana, who cleaned the esophagus and stitched up the wound. “Within her civilian job, she is sufficiently well-founded and experienced to carry it out,” he told Právu.

“She has operated this way several times in the past with excellent results. This time too, everything went without a problem and we safely returned the female swan, which was preparing for nesting at the time, back to the water to her partner,” continued Makoň, adding that as a dentist, his wife performs much more complex operations under magnifying glasses with micro-instruments in oral cavity in humans.

“It’s hard for someone to explain to me that they can’t adequately sew up a swan’s esophagus on a bench by the pond. In addition, she holds a veterinary certificate of professional competence to handle all types of wild animals,” the head of the station added.

At the end, Makoň pointed out that it was primarily an urgent intervention to save life and provide first aid to a wild animal. “This is fully in line with the mission of our organization,” the animal rescuer pointed out.

After feeding, the bird kicked the future veterinarian out of the cage


She broke the law and saved a life

But the Chamber of Veterinary Doctors saw it differently. She asked the administrative body to check whether Makoňová had violated the law.

The authors of the petition had doubts, among other things, about whether the procedure was performed by the lege artis, whether a doctor of humane medicine is authorized to perform such procedures, and last but not least, whether such a procedure is acceptable from the point of view of animal protection.

“We came to the conclusion that there was a violation of the law, because the person in question is not qualified to care for animals,” said Richard Bílý from the Regional Veterinary Administration in Pilsen.

“Nevertheless, we did not proceed with any punishment, as the social harmfulness of such an act in this particular case is absolutely insignificant. We evaluated it as first aid in an extreme emergency, the result of which was the rescue of the animal. The procedure itself was performed professionally and no veterinarian should be ashamed of it,” he added.

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