Fiala was awarded the Person of the Year award by the Poles. And what about us Czechs?

Luboš Palace


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Luboš Palace
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Luboš Palace

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Tomáš Garrigu Masaryk at the age Petr Fiala is now, the Czechs still smashed the windows with stones and Masaryk’s party barely got into the parliament.

However, the level of contempt that many Czechs now hold for the former rector and university professor Fial, the chairman of the first “wartime” government since 1989, is also not small. It is enough to recall some statements from the last anti-government demonstration on Wenceslas Square.

Martin Komárek

A gathering of Russian cockroaches?

The Person of the Year Award, which was awarded to Petr Fial yesterday evening at the twenty-first edition of the Economic Forum in Karpacz, Poland, is one of the most important Polish awards. Poland appreciates in her not only personal courage, but also the principledness with which Petr Fiala stood up to Russian aggression in Ukraine.

And he was able to create an atmosphere in the Czech Republic that made it possible to accept three hundred thousand Ukrainian refugees with the great help of the citizens themselves, collect hundreds of millions of crowns to support Ukraine, and send literally everything we could send from the army’s reserves to help Kiev. That’s why Petr Fiala rightly won the prize.

Luboš Palace

The new British Prime Minister was an opponent of Brexit. So what?

However, in order for Petr Fiala not only to be the Person of the Year 2022, he needs to fulfill his domestic and European tasks. With tolerable energy prices for Czech citizens in the first place this winter.

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