The unstoppable Terezka needs a new hand. A benefit program will also help her

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Eighteen-year-old Tereza was born without part of her right hand. Still, he can tame a horse and showjumps. However, the one-sided load has a negative effect on her health. That’s why she needs a smart prosthesis that would allow her to overcome any obstacle – in parkour and in life. Getting bionic replacements helps people like Tereza Konto Bariéry. And you can join too. On Saturday, September 10, from 20:10 on ČT1, watch the charity Miracles of Nature and support the disabled.

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Eighteen-year-old Tereza is one of Konta Bariéra’s clients, who can be supported by viewers of the charity Miracles of Nature, broadcast by Czech Television on September 10, 2022

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Terezka was unlucky that her right hand got tangled in ligaments in the womb and stopped developing. Her mother found out that the girl’s wrist, palm and fingers were missing only in the delivery room, and the unpleasant news caused her many a sleepless night. “We started practicing Vojt’s method, I read a lot of books and materials, talked to doctors… I was so afraid of how he would climb, how he would eat,” Mrs. Eva recalls. The doctor’s advice that Terezka does not know that she is missing something, and she will help herself, helped. “So we stopped and just stared as instead of climbing she stood up and walked, peeled a tangerine, cut out a picture and tied a shoelace for her brother.”

Today, Tereza is eighteen years old. She grew up to be a beautiful and self-confident young woman who does not want any concessions or regrets at all. “I want to work for everything honestly and earn like everyone else. That’s why I also try to do and manage everything like everyone else. Including horse care, saddling and the like,” says Terezka determinedly. “Horses are my passion. I admit that I focus more on them than on my studies, although I manage to combine it with school quite well, although I train six times a week for two to three hours. In addition, I regularly go to the gym with a trainer and on weekends I go to races during the season. I also did sports gymnastics, but I stopped that before starting high school,” she describes her active life.

Tereza’s dream is to have her own farm one day. At the same time, she would like to study psychology at university. A smart prosthesis would help her move further and would also solve the health problems associated with overloading one half of the body. “We are very grateful to Konta Bariéra and all the people who will support Terezka through him,” says mother Eva, adding in conclusion: “To my great joy, she has grown into a self-confident, unstoppable and beautiful girl with a healthy approach to life. The hand will help her take off and overcome any obstacle in life and parkour in the future.”

Konto Bariéry has been helping people who need a bionic prosthesis and are not reimbursed by their health insurance company for more than five years. During that time, it helped to pay a smart hand or a leg to dozens of clients. He will reveal how bionic prostheses work and how they make everyday life easier for disabled people on Saturday, September 10 at 8:10 p.m. on CT1 the charity episode of the program Miracles of Nature dedicated to Konto Bariéra. During it, viewers will be able to simply donate to Terezka and others in need of smart gadgets.

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