Eight new ambulances entered service around Prague on Tuesday

If the new ambulances differ in color and equipment, it is no accident. All of them were supplied by the company Prossan, with buildings exactly according to the requirements of those who will use them, Petr Štěpánek, director of health activities of the Samaritans Association of the Czech Republic Prague-west, told Deník. “We also chose the shapes of the compartments or the materials to make them non-slip and durable,” he recalled. And according to the words of practitioners who looked at the new cars and their arrangement, it was possible to create cars that will be extremely useful. However, the director of the rescue service from Prague-west, Milan Majer, did not spare words of praise: both to the address of the supplier and to those designated to his own employees: they really paid extraordinary attention to finishing all the details.

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According to Štěpánek, five of the eight new cars are intended for so-called secondary transportation: the transport of patients who need urgent care between medical facilities. “They will also assist in the operation of the Medical Rescue Service of the Central Bohemian Region and the Medical Rescue Service of the Capital City of Prague,” stated the director of medical activities. The three vehicles will then head to the departure bases in Davl, Mníšek pod Brdy and Zbraslav, from where their crews will go to the patients on the instructions of the central Bohemian regional ambulance dispatch; in response to a call to the emergency line 158. “The cars are equipped with devices that, in the context of evolution, represent the latest achievements of the healthcare industry,” stated Štěpánek, pointing out, for example, a modular defibrillator, linear dispensers or state-of-the-art suction.

The director of the regional ambulance, Pavel Rusý, who was not missing among the invited guests, did not hide his admiration. “We all see that you have done a lot of work in a time that is not easy,” he praised, mentioning the entry into the 21st century.

Deputy governor Pavel Pavlík (ODS), who in the regional council is in charge of the health sector, pointed out that from the citizens’ point of view, it makes no difference if the regional ambulance or the ambulance of its contractual partners arrives after a call to the emergency line: in addition to the Samaritans, they also include Trans Hospital plus company. According to Pavlík, it is important for the patient, if he can perceive it, if it is a modern car that smells of novelty. “Not half a million and olitanies,” said the deputy governor in Dobříč.

New cars for the regional ambulance

According to him, the rescue service established by the region is also guided by this. Just last week on Friday, 11 new ambulances were put into service in Kutná Hora – and now the tender process is underway for 30 more ambulances in two different configurations. A selection process for rendez-vous cars is also being prepared: for doctors traveling as part of the so-called meeting system, Pavlík told Deník, adding that it will hopefully be possible to fulfill the goal of the regional leadership: renewing and rejuvenating the vehicle fleet. On Saturday, September 17, he is also inviting paramedics to Benešov with an all-day program during which, among other things, the newly purchased transport ventilators for pediatric patients will be put into use.

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Samaritans will also continue to shop. Štěpánek told Denik that cars have already been ordered to transport doctors as part of the rendezvous – however, due to the market situation, delivery is not expected until the new year. “And next year we would also like to restore more ambulances,” he stated.

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