Applicants for building plots bivouac before Adam. Many all week

Applicants for building plots bivouac before Adam. Many all week
Applicants for building plots bivouac before Adam. Many all week

The main fixed tax charge for the reservation is 2,357 crowns per square meter without tax. Ji Slma was the first on the scene – he stood up on Sunday evening. As soon as Monday, when the fire broke out, the queue reached its maximum of 27 places.

Slma goes out with her bird. He doesn’t rely on the reservation system. I’m fine drinking it. Mm here pota, so I can also work. I work in IT, so it’s not a problem to work long hours. And I will gently fill the rest of the hour with other eggs. I think that a nice group has settled here and we are actually strengthening future neighborly relations, Slma laughs.

Sit, the same as many others, on a stack of fishing rods. With the others, they formed a group next to the entrance to hell, where no decision will be made. Let the people stand around, ring the phones, sleep. In the wall of the tree in front of the building, a group is playing cards, mothers are trying to spot small children running around.

We are mostly young people who are from Russia or come from there, including my children, so there are enough common themes to get along with, Klra Svobodov praises herself.

She received information about the meeting of the front on Monday from a friend, so when she was going to go to the coordinated meeting for the land that afternoon, she knew that she had to come early and immediately occupy the city in order. Those who didn’t do it and thought they would go back and forth were lucky.

At night they had a hunger strike, they slept at the entrance

People are staying overnight, sometimes in cars, in hammocks and in tents, for which the town hall has reserved an area behind the building. At night, the boys and I had a feast here and slept close to the entrance to have a view and reduce the fall of someone new, to Slma.

Astlovci, who have arrived at the village queue, look for your position. They created their own order and rules, they have contacts for each other. Anyone who stays away for a long time and does not leave behind them in the queue will be removed from the list.

Probably only a few people would be able to bivouac in front of the town hall for a whole week, which is why there are also quite a few squatters on the site. Often the whole family is involved in the event. I’m here like a descent. Natst, we are a big family, so let’s get together. Grandmothers, grandfathers, everyone joins in, explaining the next generation of women.

A young mother, standing naked at the entrance of her newborn daughter, confirms that standing in line must be combined with good organization and logistics. He had to go to work, so I’m going to save him, otherwise help the grandmothers, of course. But it was easy to have fun here, she got to know you very well. Sometimes it happens that there is a ready-made baby corner, where there is someone to give him himself, a young woman coming from Russia.

Now he lives with his family near Brno, but he wants to move to the city in the future. These plots turn out to be very suitable, in Brno it is more expensive than elsewhere. In addition, we have local sales and peace of mind.

During operating hours, they can use the public areas, including canteens and toilets, and after closing they have a toi-toi available, which the city had installed. At the entrance, a large party of tents has grown up like the ground some time ago.

We didn’t expect people to start meeting this early. In these economically uncertain times, building land is anyone’s guess. However, we tried to do our best and provide them with what they needed, said Russian city councilor Blanka Sobolov, adding that the city is losing its housing already very much.

The system also speaks for me

With this method of offering parcels, the City Hall moved towards the procedure it practiced about five years ago, when it purchased plots of land in Barvsk Street. Even then, the food was big, but the people waited in line for only two days.

Sometimes this procedure appears to be the fairest. The auction includes the assumption that the most valuable people will buy the land. But we want to give a chance to those whose economic situation at least allows them to buy land, said the Russian mayor Martin Mrkos.

Agree with him and address the borrowers in the queue. For me personally, it’s a fr process. I don’t know how else to do it justice. It is a residence for life, so the hunter for the week is an otter, said Slma.

The reservation of plots starts on Mondays, and the tenants will be accepted from eight o’clock in the morning.

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