The transport company is looking for new directors, it has announced tenders

The transport company is looking for new directors, it has announced tenders
The transport company is looking for new directors, it has announced tenders

City spokesman Vít Hofman told ČTK. Due to suspicion of corruption in the DPP, the police charged several people in June, including the then deputy mayor Petr Hlubuček (formerly STAN), who was also a member of the supervisory board of the DPP, and now a former member of the board Matej Augustín.

There are more directors of individual sections in DPP than members of the board of directors, but each of the members is nevertheless also a director. In addition to being a member of the board of directors, Augustín was in charge of the company’s finances. According to the deputy mayor for transport Adam Scheinherr (Prague Sobě), the company announced the audition for his position about two weeks ago. “By announcing the selection procedure for other members of the DPP management, we are giving a clear signal that the company is starting again, better and with a clean slate,” said the deputy today. He added that the choice of the new management of the company will be up to the new political representation that will emerge from the upcoming elections.

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The DPP announced the tenders on the basis of the June resolution of the capital city council, which functions as the company’s general meeting. However, Scheinherr stated that the reason for the current announcement is the upcoming elections, because “coalition partners, specifically Petr Hlubuček and Jiří Pospíšil (TOP 09) are no longer pushing to fill positions”. He added that the company has introduced or is introducing anti-corruption measures, such as an anonymous telephone line or strict rules for awarding public contracts.

In June, police officers from the National Headquarters against Organized Crime charged more than a dozen people, including Hlubuček and Augustín, businessman Michal Redl, who, according to investigators, had ties to the STAN movement. The police allege that an organized group of accused systematically occupied key positions in the DPP so that the installed friendly managers could influence various tenders in order to obtain bribes.

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The newspaper N wrote on Wednesday that the DPP dismissed three workers who are being prosecuted in the so-called Dosimeter case, as the case of possible suspicion of corruption in the company is called. These are the head of the legal department, Dalibor Kučera, the head of the technical administration of the buildings, Martin Vejsada, and the head of information technology, Luďek Šteffel, company spokesperson Daniel Šabík confirmed to the newspaper.

DPP is the city’s largest company, employing over 11,000 people. Last year, the capital spent about 15.2 billion crowns on it, and this year more than 16.76 billion crowns are allocated in the budget.

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