The court punished the rapist of the daughter with probation, the father refused the package

The court punished the rapist of the daughter with probation, the father refused the package
The court punished the rapist of the daughter with probation, the father refused the package

According to the verdict, in 2020 and 2021, the defendant took advantage of the child’s defenselessness and in his apartment touched his daughter’s exposed genitals and found her in the genitals. Strengthened by the winds, the packaging was falling in an unprecedented sweat.

Ash blames him. My conscience is clear in this case, she said. The judgment is not final.

At the age of one, the woman claimed that her father had lost his birth, and St. About a year later, she said, she doesn’t want a father, but she won’t say yes.

Mal told me that he wouldn’t teach me what my father did, that I wouldn’t like it, said my mother.

She then contacted the police, who launched an investigation. In court, the father described a comfortable relationship with his daughter. He just confirmed that he touched her genitalia quite a lot, because she was suffering from the sores he was eating.

He described that the relationship with the daughter’s mother began to deteriorate immediately after the birth of the child. I wasn’t needed in that barque, he said. When they divorced, he lived for some time in a boarding house, where he did not take his daughter. The parents agreed on regular contact, and when he moved into the apartment.

His daughter stayed with him once every two weeks for the weekend. During the incriminated period, he was accompanied by a female birder who stood up for me during the trial. I was not careful with the child and behaved appropriately towards him.

The court may thus impose an obligation to pay 75 thousand crowns for non-property debt in favor of the child. For raping a child who was six years old in August this year, the defendant faced five to 12 years in prison. State representative Renata Brtkov suggested that the court should impose a sentence on the very lower limit of the criminal rate.

The defense attorney Jan Toms gave full coverage for his client, according to him, it was not proven that the act took place and that he committed it under wraps.

An expert in the field of psychology, tpn Vymtal, who spoke with the woman, did not find any signs typical of a tranny or neglected child.

From my point of view, the case is not clear, what about the child’s answer, said the expert. He stated that children at the age of five do not have an adult awareness of sexuality. According to him, his wife had the closest relationship to her mother and aunt.

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