Deputies are arguing about changing this year’s budget. It will increase the deficit by 50 billion

Deputies are arguing about changing this year’s budget. It will increase the deficit by 50 billion
Deputies are arguing about changing this year’s budget. It will increase the deficit by 50 billion

“The reasons for the submission are relatively clear and, I think, understandable: the effects of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the consequences of which were not known at the time of the preparation of the 2022 budget, the increase in the cost of living of the population caused by both inflation and high energy prices, the response to the energy crisis or ensuring strategic resources and adjustment of the revenue side of the budget,” Finance Minister Zbyněk Stanjura from the ODS told the deputies.

The amended budget provides, for example, with eight billion crowns for a one-time allowance of five thousand crowns per child under the age of 18 for selected families. Another 16.5 billion crowns are intended to help with high energy prices. Almost 11 billion crowns will be required for this year’s pension valorization.

The opposition has reservations about changing the budget. The head of the ANO parliamentary club, Alena Schillerová, said that the budget amendment draws only from increased revenues, but according to her, neither companies nor citizens will feel the extra money collected. According to her, households and companies are living in the shadow of the collapse that is approaching with the coming winter. According to her, the government coalition is not bothered enough to come up with quick solutions. She emphasized that in times of crisis, the government must increase spending. “If you want to hear it in the common sense – in times when people are in trouble, the state is supposed to help them,” said Schillerová. However, according to her, the current government coalition is cutting without deep consideration.

We need at least some European solution, said Minister Stanjura

“The concerns of citizens and entrepreneurs about high energy prices are justified. I don’t think anyone disputes that. We are thinking about a solution, we are debating it with our colleagues. I hear a lot of skepticism about the European solution. But if we want to manage it, we need at least some European solution that could serve to reduce the crazy spot prices,” said Minister Stanjura.

“It will not decrease enough to be enough for the Czech Republic, so we will supplement it with measures at the national level,” promised the Minister of Finance.

“The government is absolutely failing. On all sides,” declared the head of ANO deputies, Alena Schillerová. She called it absolutely unbelievable that the Minister of Industry and Trade, Jozef Síkela, on behalf of STAN, is questioning the proposal prepared for Friday’s extraordinary meeting of the energy ministers of the European Union member states, which was presented by the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. The Commission proposes to introduce a price cap on gas imported from Russia. According to Síkela, the Czechia will try to remove the issue of a possible ceiling on gas prices from Russia from the agenda.

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