The match of the century. Czech basketball players will take it all or nothing

Patrik Auda: The Finns had absolutely everything there. Their shooting was amazing

What the devil didn’t want, the situation in the Prague group of EuroBasket has developed in such a way that both of his hearts will meet in a direct fight for the last promotion place. “We have a key match ahead of us, and it’s against my country. But now I live here and I love the Czechia. So there will be a little more emotion,” admits the Israeli coach of the Czech national team, adding in one breath: “As soon as the match starts, emotions must go aside.”

At the moment, Israel is in a better starting position, it has two wins to its credit. On the other hand, the Czechs are crouching in the penultimate place of the table with one win. However, since it is a head-to-head match, it is “enough” for them to call the opponents and advance based on the better match between them.

Outcast the hero?

And a hero can become an outcast in forty minutes. If his charges conquer his homeland. “I was born in Israel, but at the end of the day it’s all about basketball and we have to win,” he denies any affection for his homeland.

However, he did not manage one important test with his team, if we leave aside the opening duel with Poland, which caused problems. The lions were not enough for the wolf pack from Finland. In the event of a loss, Suomi had no room for repair and, together with the 5,000 spectators, they would have to travel among their thousands of lakes… From the first minutes, they wanted more than their opponent with the sign Czechia.

Hruban after the narrow win: We got stuck, but we came back at the right moment

“We played against a good team that has been together for a long time since youth. He still practices the same system. We knew the strengths of the Finns, which is a quick transition to attack and offensive rebounding, but we did not stop them in the first phase of the game. It only got better after that, but our main problem was again in defense. If we were able to stop the opponent more times, we could go on counter-attacks more. Defense is the foundation of everything,” he repeats a well-known basketball truth.

They play smart

While the Finns are a team in which the players know each other like the back of their hand, the Israelis are not so well-matched. They are betting a lot on Denis Avdija, who is a valid member of the Washington Wizards. But countries that are geographically distant have one thing in common. The Israelis, like the Finns, are rather a lower team. And this deficiency is made up for by the speed with which the Czechs have a problem at the tournament. In addition, they are fierce, which is evidenced by the fact that they managed to turn the score and the match more than once.

“It’s a team that plays smart. He tries to mask his weaknesses under the basket. The most dangerous is Avdija, but they also have Euroleague players on their roster. But if we play against them like we did against Finland, that is, with the exception of the beginning of the match, then we will win,” Ginzburg gushes with optimism.

Tomáš Satoranský (right)

Zdeňka Zamastila’s gloss: Saty won’t help the team at half throttle

Czech leader Tomáš Satoranský, who ended his NBA career in DC, also knows the leader Avdija. However, he still has an ankle injury. “Saty was already feeling better. We can only benefit from the Finland game in terms of his involvement. I think he will be even more prepared next time,” he says.

The Czech fans should have the upper hand in the O2 arena. With the exception of the game against Finland, they are winning so far. Unlike your darlings. “The fans of Israel may want to come to Berlin for the playoffs. But I hope that we will stop their path,” adds Ronen “Neno” Ginzburg with a smile.

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