I yield, but withdraw. Babi sent an apology for being paid by protesters

I yield, but withdraw. Babi sent an apology for being paid by protesters
I yield, but withdraw. Babi sent an apology for being paid by protesters

Although I did not intend to offend you in any way in the subject year, nor does it make sense, or I did not even know you personally before the start of our dispute, I respect the rules of the first instance and although I do not agree with the said court decision and I will file a motion against him, I submit to him and I will send you an apology for the punishment, quotes the Seznam Zprvy server from the letter that Jana Filipov picked up in the center.

According to her, Babio’s ex-wife was pleasantly surprised by the apology, even though the politician did not mean her well. She appreciated that the former prime minister fulfilled the deadline set by the court. The letter arrived a few days before it expired. Babi also had to pay court costs, but Filipov’s pension was overdue.

I am proud that the entire martyrdom of my efforts to prove that the Prime Minister of that time was a lie, has its just end and that the truth has finally won, she commented for Seznam Przvy Filipov. I’m just wondering, how many l will we have to hear from this hunter? she added.

Filipov was represented by a demonstration on the 11th of January 2018, when deputies were deciding whether to open the door to Babiov’s government. Babi subsequently stated in the report that there is no paid protester every day, because there are always the same people protesting, and I cannot imagine that anyone would protest for 16 hours, so there will be some motivation.

Babi later spoke about paid demonstrations in connection with the protest in front of Czech radio on August 21. Barrandov said on TV that the people who wrote about him were paid and that it was a political reprisal to order.

He was jokingly referring to the speech of MP Pavel Rika, who announced after Ervenc’s demonstration that he heard several people talking about where they should go for their pensions. the participants of the demonstration rejected his claim, they were talking about the money for the fine for the young man who was legitimate at the event.

The regional court initially rejected the first plea for an apology. She unsuccessfully appealed to the Supreme Court, which overturned the verdict in November. According to the Supreme Court in the case, Babiova was the first protester for freedom of speech and the first protester for the protection of honor and dignity. The court decided that Babi’s dismissal based on the words of the Rika deputy did not become an open claim.

According to the highest instance, Babio’s stories can be considered an unjustifiable interference in the personal sphere of those they touched. They were objectively able to compromise their personal and moral integrity, undermine their freedom and dignity, and threaten their status, if they made a decision. That’s why the ex-premier had to apologize for the year. Now Babi was going to resign.

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