Electricity at a tenfold forced the popular motorcycle resort to limit operations

“Also, we had to limit our menu to only the lunch menu, tortillas, donuts and a few other small items. At the moment, unfortunately, you can no longer have desserts, burgers, pizza or our famous steaks from the grill,” the restaurant’s representatives inform the public, believing that the restriction will only be temporary.

The reason for the restriction of operation is the huge increase in energy prices.

“For the month of September, we were forced to buy them on the spot exchange. The price of one megawatt hour exceeded the threshold of twenty thousand crowns, which in our operation means payment of electricity for one month in the amount of 400 thousand crowns (compared to forty thousand last year). We have been forced to curtail our operations and try to keep operating costs to a minimum in order to survive this difficult time at all. Believe me, this step hurts us a lot,” the restaurant said in a statement.

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A number of hotels and restaurants in the Czech Republic face a similar situation. Their association mentioned the example of a hotel with sixty rooms, whose monthly electricity costs rose from eighty to eight hundred thousand crowns.

At the end of August, the president of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants, Václav Stárek, complained that the government’s hesitant approach to solving electricity prices was a big disappointment for the association.

“Entrepreneurs have no information on whether and how the government will solve this crisis situation. Five months have passed since our first initiative and the situation continues to deteriorate without a clear solution and concrete deadlines. We want to believe that the government will not disappoint the confidence of businessmen and will urgently remedy the situation,” he said on August 29.

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In recent days, the government has been feverishly negotiating a solution to high energy prices, especially electricity. There are several proposals in play to cap her price. However, the specific parameters and dates from which the measures should apply were not known on Wednesday, September 7.

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