Prague 5 wants to expand the monument zone on its territory

Prague 5 wants to expand the monument zone on its territory
Prague 5 wants to expand the monument zone on its territory

The plan has already been approved by the city councilors and the city hall has already sent its request to the Ministry of Culture, which will decide on the possible expansion.

“The first case was the widely known proposal to demolish the villa of the builder Viktor Beneš in Smíchov, which is located just beyond the border of the Smíchov Monument Zone. This clearly showed the need to expand comprehensive monument protection in Prague 5 as a system tool to protect cultural and historical values,” said Deputy Mayor Lukáš Herold (ODS).

The newly proposed border has five parts that follow the current zone. The main part of Hřebenek-Košíř makes up the majority of the proposed area. The other two parts are located in Malvazinky, to the southwest of the existing conservation zone and in the area of ​​the Kesnerka and Konvářka residential areas.

The protected area is further expanded by three separate blocks at the borders of the existing zone. It is a block north of Na Hřebenkách street, a part between U Blaženky and Na Provaznici streets, and the third is under Paví vrch northeast of K Vodojemu and Radlická streets.

“Together with the preservationists, we want to have the opportunity to prevent changes in the character of unique localities, their genia loci, at the expense of architecturally contradictory and inappropriate interventions in these areas,” added Herold.

According to the municipal website, monument protection in Prague is divided into several areas. In the innermost center is the urban heritage reserve, which was established in 1971 and has its own protective zone. Further away from the center are urban conservation zones that have been declared since the 1990s and include, for example, parts of Prague 2 that are not in the reserve, areas in Prague 3, 5, 6, 7 or 8. The system also includes a village conservation reserve in Stodůlkách and Ruzyna and several village heritage zones, for example Buďánka in Prague 5, Střešovice or Hostivař.

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