Start of school? Parents give hundreds of crowns not only for notebooks, but also for juice

The adaptation course will no longer pay

And her expenses could have been even higher. “We have an adapter every year, but I have already refused to pay for it. It costs 5,500 crowns per week. After we paid for the whole vacation and now at the beginning of school, I don’t see the point of this payment anymore,” explains Petra Petrusová.

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Jana Šliková from Tuklat has already spent thousands of crowns for her two children. She paid 1,500 crowns for each of the children just for the aids.

“This amount is without the briefcase. And we still have to pay for textbooks, notebooks… The daughter in the first grade must bring 500 crowns to the class fund and 200 crowns for the juices they drink in class, the son in the third grade then 2,000 crowns and also 200 crowns for the juices. And we still have to pay 600 crowns for the group for each child,” said Jana Šliková, who also pays tennis 5,000 crowns per month and a krav maga class for both children for 5,200 crowns for half a year.

Michal Okrouhlík, a father of three children, who took his first and fourth graders to elementary school on September 1, also pays a two hundred kroner allowance for juices.

Allowance for sodas that his children don’t drink

And he is shaking his head at the allowance for juices. “I have to pay for juices that our boys don’t even drink… I’m glad they only drink water and not the sweetened juices,” says Michal Okrouhlík.

He estimates that he spent around five thousand kroner for his two sons who are required to attend school. “Somehow I preferred not to even count the sums, because it was five hundred crowns here, eight hundred crowns there… Fortunately, our first grader got a bag with a pencil case from grandma and grandpa. And the rings? It depends on the menu. Everything is expensive now, but I will try to save money elsewhere than on children,” adds Michal Okrouhlík.

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Lenka Kloučková from Kunice has two school-age children. “We have already bought everything. And I’m ashamed to admit that I’m one of the lucky ones who don’t have to count the costs of school. And I’m not even counting them. We never had many rings, because the children are very sick.’

Even if the rings are becoming more expensive this year, Lenka Kloučková will not limit their number. “On the contrary. Lukáš goes to the first grade, so he will have an extra circle. Emči’s choir costs 4,500 crowns for the whole year, science club 1,250 crowns per half-year, Luky’s football 2,500 per half-year… Plus, I reckon they’ll have something at school as well.”

By buying in bulk, the school (and parents) save money

He does not buy notebooks for his children. The school arranges this collectively. “We just have to send the money to the account. It will be 754 crowns for Luky and 1,152 crowns for Emča. This price already includes workbooks, notebooks or aids for art education. The interesting thing is that at our school, they give them tempera on the artwork directly from large tubes straight onto the palette,” explains Lenka Kloučková.

More expensive lunches and clubs

Markéta Boháčová from Úval has one schoolboy and one preschooler at home. “Fortunately, the equipment didn’t cost us that much money this year, we still have a lot of things from last year. And we save on a lot of things as parents, because the teacher buys them in bulk. The school just announced that lunches would be more expensive, which I understand. I can’t cook at home for that amount anyway. As a sophomore, František will not have such an expensive start to school. And Otakar, as a preschooler, will not be affected by the increase in kindergarten.

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Both boys take karate. “We have a great team in Úvaly and the boys enjoy it, my husband and I see the results, so I also accept the price increase. Otherwise, I try to prefer clubs within a group or a Children’s and Youth Center, where the prices are more friendly than those of non-state organizations,” concludes Markéta Boháčová.

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