“Wellbeing” is also to come to schools. It is not clear how to teach it

The school should help pupils learn to take care of their well-being throughout their lives, writes ČOSIV in a current press release. This includes the ability to work with your emotions, maintain respectful relationships, use your strengths, plan, solve problems or manage stress.

Teachers will thus be faced with the task of how to approach this broad topic in their lessons.

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The professional society for inclusive education has therefore prepared the 4R methodology, which provides the missing methodological support to primary and secondary school teachers.

Respect, diversity, equality and resilience

“The 4R Methodology – Respect, Diversity, Equality & Resilience (in psychology, resilience, the ability to resist adverse forces, manage adverse situations and overcome crisesnote ed.) – offers schools a comprehensive set of activities for pupils from the 1st grades of elementary school to the last years of secondary school, aimed at e.g. the development of emotional literacy, strengths of personality, problem solving, stress management or learning about one’s own identity. There are a total of eight thematic areas and they intertwine with all years,” explained project manager Veronika Bačová.

According to her, the methodologies will help teachers open up topics that are relatively new in the school environment – for example, gender, positive internal dialogue or seeking help.

The education system lacks mental health support, warns a professional society

Science and schools

The set of 4R methodologies originally comes from Australia, where it is the official source for fulfilling the curriculum. Experts from ČOSIV, with the consent of the authors, revised it for the conditions of the Czech environment. With the current new school year, pilot verification is to begin in various types of schools in Prague and Most, in a total of three schools.

“The set is exceptional in that it covers the entire primary and secondary education and follows on from the specific expected outputs of the RVP. In the pilot project, we are therefore testing it in all grades of primary school, secondary school and vocational school,” Bačová added.

Prevent bullying as well

In all participating schools, ČOSIV plans to train teachers in the use of methodologies and will continuously evaluate their piloting. The reflection of teachers and pupils should be important. After the end of the pilot period, ČOSIV will process the comments and make the methodologies available free of charge to all schools that are interested in them.

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Science and schools

Programs focused on the development of social and emotional skills help to create a safe environment at school, prevent bullying or the use of addictive substances, according to the president of ČOSIV Lenka Felcmanová. Pupils then have better conditions for learning and achieve better educational results.

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Internet and PC

“The 4R program will help children to take important knowledge, skills and attitudes to adulthood, which will help them lead a fulfilled and satisfied life and successfully overcome the obstacles they encounter on their life’s journey. The past two years have clearly shown us that it is very necessary,” noted Felcmanová.

What does developing social-emotional skills actually mean?

The process by which children and young people develop and learn to apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to be able to:

  • understand emotions and manage them
  • set positive goals and achieve them
  • feel and express empathy
  • establish and maintain positive relationships
  • make responsible decisions
  • develop resilience and the ability to manage change
  • create positive gender norms
  • contribute to social cohesion

The training of teachers in the modernization of teaching is to be supported by a project worth 860 million

Science and schools

The project itself is financed by European funds.


Should schools deal with so-called wellbeing and mental health care in general?

Yes, it is more and more important for life, it can also work as a prevention of stress or bullying.

It can be marginally dealt with within a subject, but I would not “overdo” it.

No, it’s a waste of time at the expense of classic school education.

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The Pedagogical Institute will start revising the primary school curriculum

As for the upcoming changes in the RVP in general, we informed in August that the National Pedagogical Institute (NPI) will start working on the revision of the curriculum in elementary school subjects at the end of September. The concept, according to which the teaching content should be changed, was presented to the Ministry of Education by experts on August 3.

The Pedagogical Institute will start revising the curriculum of elementary schools

Science and schools

The approval of the final form of the concept by the management of the office is still awaited, it is mainly necessary to clarify how the so-called core and extension curriculum should be distinguished.

The new curriculum for primary schools should then be approved in autumn 2023.

Greater emphasis on computer science

In addition, around 1,700 schools, i.e. approximately two-fifths of primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic, could start teaching according to the new curricula with an emphasis on informatics from this school year. This follows from recent information provided by the education department.

Starting this year, hundreds of schools are placing greater emphasis on computer science

Internet and PC

According to him, around 880 schools applied for new educational programs in the last school year. About 1,200 more wanted to start modernized teaching from September 2023. The data was collected by the Ministry of Education and Culture in a survey that took place in February and March, in which 3,843 schools participated.

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