At the border with Slovakia, a migrant is found. We’ll send a party, Rakuan promised

At the border with Slovakia, a migrant is found. We’ll send a party, Rakuan promised
At the border with Slovakia, a migrant is found. We’ll send a party, Rakuan promised

In addition to border protection, the Slovaks will also coordinate with the Hungarians, Austrians and Germans due to the fact that last month Europe was under strong migratory pressure due to Syrian refugees.

The wave (migration) is stronger than in 2015, when the migrant crisis peaked. We catch hundreds of migrants every day in Esk, but for example Rakuan press, said Rakuan.

He stated that the Czech Republic, like Slovakia, is a transit country for migrants to Germany and Austria, where they try to reunite their families. Patrol agents are supposed to check both the green border and continue with thorough random checks at the border crossings.

Together with Mikulec, he changed the problem with Turkey, which does not block the flow of refugees to Europe. According to Rakuan, there is therefore a need to deal intensively with the Turks as well. In the past, after agreements with the EU, Turkey did not allow migrants to travel for some time.

It is necessary for the European Commission to be much more active in the implementation of readmission agreements (on the readmission of illegal immigrants) with these countries. We have secondary migration, when refugees reach Europe. We have to deal with the problem more intensively where it arises, said Mikulec.

Trying to avoid border controls

Both stated that there is no simple one problem and there is no single birth problem, because the problem is only between individual faces. We want to look for one in the fact that we will send the function (EU border agency) of Frontex to Europe. We try to avoid re-establishing the boundaries of control. We understand the existence of the Schengen area, Rakuan said.

Because of this, two registration centers were created, where the refugees have their biometric data taken and they are identified. They receive an entry order that they must leave the Czech Republic within 30 days, including going to Germany. If Germany applies the readmission agreement, we will, Rakuan said.

According to Rakuan, the refugees should be under as much control as possible and there should be an overview of their movements when they reach R. According to police editor Martin Vondrk, crime has not increased in the region in recent days, which is due, said Rakuan.

f the German police union, Heiko Teggatz called on the Federal Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeserová, to renew the permanent guarding of the border with the Czech Republic due to the worsening migrant situation. However, a spokeswoman for the German Ministry of the Interior said in the TK center that Germany is not currently considering resuming heavy checks at the border with Russia, but does not rule out possible checks due to migrants.

The German police union states that in April of this year, the police union recorded 2,000 cases of illegal border crossing from Austria to Germany, and this was a 140 percent increase over the same period. In August, there were 3,000 ppad, and that was just on the Saxon-Esk border.

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